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Leader of the pack …

Eentje die ik nam tijden de Stamp Media workshop van een tijdje terug.



Stamp Media kicks off (and ass)

Stamp (flemish for “kick”) Media is a youth press agency I blogged about not that long ago. It’s goal is to give young people who are interested in journalism a chance to get their work published.

Stamp wants to make a difference by:

  • bringing news from the Antwerp region
  • give the youth’s perspective on news
  • making news with respect for diversity

Stamp is still looking for enthousiastic, young reporters. Think it’s just your cup of tea ? Head over to the site and get yourself enrolled in the great workshops the organisation offers to new members of which I myself attended the one on photography. Here’s part of the result:

Jongeren Media Agentschap - Borgerhout

Our group head out to Borgerhout, a part of Antwerp where there’s a large immigrant population to give a different view on the neughbourhood’s otherwise negative image.

In short, Stamp is a press agency that wants to make a difference by giving youth of all origines the chance to have their opinion heard.


Afgelopen woensdag had ik het genoegen deel te nemen aan een van de workshops van het Jongeren Media Agentschap Stamp in Jeugdcentrum Trix in Borgerhout.

Neem voor de hele fotoset hier een kijkje.