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Apple to berry … the 1 month round-up

My latest and greatest addiction


The iPhone, apple’s latest and greatest gadget, has drasticly changed how we percieve cellphones anno 2008. It might shock you but, despite being the hardcore apple fanboy that I am, I decided to switch over to a blackberry. Some call it blasphemy, others call it a downgrade … I for one, am sold.

I think the major trigger for my switch was 2.0 software, which made the iPhone waaaaay slower than 1.1.4. Combine that with the fact that I had totally had it with that broken screen of mine and you get me running over to the dark side.

So I started looking online and found a sweet deal: a second hand 8707v, like new (really, I don’t think it was ever used) for € 150. It’s an older model that doesn’t have the trackball like the new models, GPS, a camera or media capabilities, but for a blackberry-newbie like me, it’s perfect.


  • push e-mail: e-mail is VERY important for a geek like me, it’s the last thing I check before I go to sleep and the first thing I do when I get up. The blackberry internet services work seemlessly, the split second it arrives on your server it’s there with you on the go.
  • twitterberry: I’ll admit, I am a twitter addict and twitterberry just does it for me, unlike twinkle and other iPhone-based twitter apps that are on the slow side or just take up too much data.
  • facebook: same thing, no fancy shmancy stuff … just the stuff you really and it works without losing skipping a beat.
  • keyboard: let’s just say that I thought I was fast with my iPhone’s on-screen keyboard, that’s until I tried a blackberry keyboard, there’s just something about tack-tile buttons.
  • coverage: the 8707v was blackberry’s first 3G model and I’ve noticed that the 3G reception is better than the iPhone 3G.
  • battery: this is the first smartphone I use that can go for 3 days or more, despite the fact that I’m using it non-stop.
  • call quality: the blackberry sounds great when on calls and has a nifty little feature, it amplifies your own voice just a bit, which is very handy when making a call in noisy conditions.


  • form factor: my model, the 8707v, is a bit on the chuncky side, however, newer models like the bold have way sleeker design.
  • OS: the 4.3 OS has it’s limits and quirks, I’m interested to see what the latest OS on a bold holds for me.
  • vibrate: the 8707 v has a very loud and sometimes annoying vibrate function.
  • desktop software: sadly enough no official blackberry desktop software for the mac. Good thing the Pocketmac people offer a great alternative.

WordPress for the iPhone

The iPhone is without a doubt the way of the future for blogging. It still won’t be the same as writing your post on the full fledged keyboard of your mac, but if you want to blog whenever from wherever, apple’s hot gadget is a good option.

Until now, however, writing a post in the web-interface on the iPhone was anything but easy. That’s why wordpress has come up with a nice little app to edit several wordpress blogs on the go (be it personally hosted or on wordpress.com)

The app is available for free in the app store.

Ps: this post was written on my iPhone.


What the iPhone still lacks …

I got to thinking which features I would still like to be added to the iPhone.

  • Stereo bluetooth headphones with a built-in mic: being able to wirelessly listen to your music and answer calls without losing a beat is a must ! That way you would be able to control your phone while making a call without the clutter of dangling cables.
  • Video recording: 3rd party software has proven that it’s possible
  • Bluetooth data transfer: the ability to send pictures and movie clips to other people’s cell phone. It’s a basic function that is standard to all bluetooth-equipped phones.
  • SMS on your mac: a great fuction in Tiger’s adress book was the ability to send text messages from your mac’s screen over bluetooth. This has been removed from Leopard’s version of the application. Why not have to the ability to have SMS texts pop up like iChat conversations when your iPhone is docked.
  • Wifi sync: have your podcasts automatically updated from the second you connect to your home network.

My question to you = which functions do you think the iPhone is still lacking ?

Moblogging from an iPhone

Now that I have a data plan for my iPhone I set it up so that I can moblog from it. Here’s how I set it up.

What you need

How to set it up

  • After creating a new blog and having it look just the way you want head over to flickr.
  • Go into your accout setting and set up the blog under the blogging options.
  • Now go into the e-mail settings of your flickr account.
  • There should be a standard e-mail adress listed for uploading, however you want to avtivate the “post to blog” option, which, after selecting which of your registered blogs you want to post to and what the size of the picture in the post should be, will generate a second mail adress with “mail2blog” in it. You also have the option to have the body of your mail used as the body of your post and you can set some default tags like “moblog” for example.
  • Now add this mail adress to your iPhone’s adress book (I simply called it moblog).

Moblogging with the iPhone in practice

  • Take a picture
  • Select “mail picture”
  • Adress it to your flickr mail2blog adress
  • Type the title you want in your subject line
  • If you want to add tags type tags:yourtaghere anothertag “tag with spaces” into the body of the message.
  • Hit send and you’re done

It looks complicated but once it’s set up it’s a very easy and fast way to moblog from your iPhone.

Check out my moblog over at “From my iPhone onto your screen

Almost … almost …


Are you that excited about the iPhone 3G you’d almost get out to your local apple store and start camping right now ? Then, after seeking help, you might want to check out the iPhone 3G countdown widget.

It’s finally here …

The 3G iPhone was finally launched at WWDC yesterday. Just some quick thoughts.

  • design: I think the plastic backplate will be way better than the metal one of the first generation. I think it will feel “sturdier” or should I say “less likely to fall”. Adding the white version is a good move knowing there’s a demand for it … mostly by women.
  • data: 3G is, of course, the way of the future. It will allow us to acces all the data/media we want wherever we want it. I like how the speeds are close to those of wifi, but I’ll have to see that in practice before I believe it, I don’t have that experience when using my 3G USB modem.
  • battery: the battery has gotten a nice boost, which is always welcome. I have to recharge my 1st generation iPhone approximately every 2 days, which is pretty ok knowing that I use EDGE, listen to a lot of music and podcasts, am constantly twittering or poking the misses and enable wifi when I’m home.
  • GPS: love it ! Great way to find your way around town on foot.
  • Mobile Me: PUSH for the rest of us, who doesn’t like that. It all sounds promising and the web application looks great, but again, I need to see it in action before I make my final judgement.

As I said, these are just some quick thoughts, I will probably get into more detail if I’m able to obtain one while I’m in NYC. I’m definitely upgrading though, due to the fact that I will be able to buy a new iPhone for the price of a new LCD+digitizer.

BTW check out this fun ad apple has to promote the iPhone 3G.

Connect your music

simplify media

Simplify Media is an awesome discovery of mine. It’s a service that’s available for mac, pc, linux, iphone and ipod touch and allows you to share your music library with your friends and discover theirs. In iTunes, it works the same way as if you would share libraries on a local network, only with Simplify Media the computers can be on the other side of the world, because you’re sharing it over the internet.

The service supports iTunes, Winamp AND linux players, AAC ,WMA ,MP3 , etc. I particulary like the iPhone interface, it’s a native app that allows you to browse your music (handy if all your music doesn’t fit on your iPhone) and that of your friends from anywhere where there’s wifi. The iPhone version also gives you information on the artist, the lyrics and there’s a convenient link to the iTunes music store to buy that newly discovered song and download it straight to your phone.

If you’re as fond of music as I am … you’ll love it.

My username is applefanbe if you care to share.