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Macworld ’08 : a short recap


As in previous years, uncle Steve has once again managed to introduce a series of products most of us will crave.Steve said he had 4 things to talk about:

– Leopard

  • Steve shared some of the numbers about Leopard. In the first 30 months, 20 percent of macs out there has upgraded to or come with Mac OS X Leopard, which is unprecedented in Mac OS X’s short history.

– iPhone / iPod Touch: 

  • Update 1.1.3 (iPhone dev team, GO !) was launched some cool new feaures: sms multiple contacs at once, customize and create up to 9 home screens, maps with location (thanks to google and skyhook technologies) and chapter and language support for video
    • The iPod touch, from now on, will come with mail, notes, maps, full calendar, etc. The update for existing iPod touch users is   $ 20 (not a good move in my opinion).

    – Apple TV – Take 2:

    • completely new interface (free update for existing Apple TV owners) and no computer required. 
      • Steve also announced the iTunes video rental service (back-catalogue (regular $ 2.99 HD $ 3.99) + new release 30 days after DVD-release (regular $ 3.99 HD $ 4.99)) for which they’ve partnered up with almost all of the mayor studios.
        • The rental service works on a 30 days – 24 hours system. Once you downloaded it, you’ve got 30 days to start watching it and, once you do, 24 hours to finish it you can view it multiple times in those 24 hours if you wish).
          • You can now view pictures straight off of flickr.

          Macbook AIR: 

          • The thinnest laptop in the world (fits in a large envelope)
          • The newest wireless technologies
          • No optical drive: optional external superdrive or remotely from another mac or PC over wifi using remote disc
          • 5 hour battery life 
          • Backlit keyboard
          • The smallest motherboard / core 2 duo chip ever on a mac
          • Complete (recycleable) aluminum casing
          • LED backlighting
          • No more mercury, PVC, flame retardants, etc.

           A great start to what I think is going to be another exciting year for Apple.