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Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

From the archives (Winslow, Arizona, 2007)

Picture by Diana (

USA 2007 set:

Road trip !


For the fourth summer in a row I’ll be crossing the pond to the land of the free. Some of you might remember our blog for last year’s trip to New York. In fact, I started this very blog on my first trip to my aunt in Tucson back in 2006. And that’s exactly where we’re heading this year.

So here’s our itinerary: we’re flying out to San Francisco on the 21st of july where we’re renting an SUV. From there we’ll drive down the West Coast down to Los Angeles and maybe even San Diego. Then we’ll head East to get to Tucson on the 28th of july. From there I’m planning trips to Tombstone, Nogales (Mexico), Las Vegas and we might even drive up to Death Valley. Our returning flight will leave Phoenix on the 4th of august.

Some stuff we’ll see on our way:

  • Alcatraz
  • Golden Gate Bidge
  • 1 ininite loop, Cupertino (like … duh !)
  • Silicon Valley
  • Hearst Castle
  • Hollywood
  • Long Beach
  • Tombstone
  • Nogales
  • Biosphere
  • Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • Death Valley

These are of course just the first things to pop inside my head but I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys. If you’ve got any, feel free to leave a comment.

Time for the BIG apple

New York

Less than a year after my first visit to “the capital of modern civilisation” New York, I’m heading back with my beloved girl geek. The appartment is waiting for us, the bags are packed, my camera’s at hand … time for some bonafide VACATION. To keep family and friends up to date and not too worried, we’ll be blogging over at Clo & Gil in New York (in dutch).

Portugese jongen

De laatste week heb ik niet al te veel foto’s genomen, maar wou deze van een portugees jongetje aan de expogronden in Lissabon toch nog met jullie delen.

I lost my heart …

… mostly to the pretty lady who joined me, but also to the beautiful city of Lisbon. As we left the city on monday, it was 20 degrees out and we were walking under a clear blue sky. Arriving at Brussels, we were welcomed by ye old Belgian gray clouds and their inevitable rain.

Elevator tram

But there’s way more to Portugal’s capital than the weather. The food, the architecture, the beer (and this is coming from a Belgian beer snob, mind you) and just the overall atmosphere. Top 5 five things to see in Lisbon according to me are:

  1. The “steampunk” elevator that connects the city center with the “Bairro Alto”.
  2. The Expo ’98 grounds (the mascotte was named Gil, don’t believe me ? )
  3. Bélèm (Tower, National Palace, Botanical gardens, Monastery (but mind the flocks of tourists) and pastries !)
  4. Bairro Alto and it’s many shops, bars and restaurants.
  5. Trams

I’m uploading the pictures of our trip by a few a day, click here to check ou the the flickr-set.

Estação Oriente, Lissabon

Net terug van een fantastisch weekendje Lissabon met de misses. Lissabon heeft ongetwijfeld een enorme indruk op me me gemaakt. Het weer, de architectuur, het eten … een ware aanrader.

2 geeks 1 citytrip

2 geeks 1 citytrip, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

Greetings from Brussels airport, minutes before boarding for Lisbon.