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TAM Time !

I’ve been a big fan of Al Diblasi’s video’s for almost two years now. Today, via TUAW, I found a video of his latest classic mac acquisition. Al bought himself a Twentieth Anniversary Mac in the box, unopened, off of eBay. These machines used to cost 10000 dollars, were delivered in a limo and even someone who set it up for you at home. Bose had a big part in the design, mind you that big thing next to the screen is not a computer, it’s just the Bose subwoofer. The TAM’s 1997 design was more or less the basis of the current iMac line.

A photographic weekend-project.

I am really into photography and like with all of my hobbies, I go retro. I collect old mac, I collect vinyl records and I like to take analog pictures, be it 32 mm or polaroid (although that’s going to got harder and harder in the future). When I saw this article over at gizmodo, I instantly knew what my next weekend-project is going to be: making a pinhole camera.

A pinhole camera is a basic camera camera that anyone can make from cardboard and some tin foil. You can make more fancy ones like the ones in the article, but you can also just make a hole in a shoebox and use that as a camera. Forget aperture, focus length, with a pinhole camera, what you see is what you get. The images might look a bit fuzzy, but that’s part of it’s charm in my opinion.

I don’t know when I’ll have the time to actually do this project, but if I ever do, you’ll be the first to know.

Apple II fever

So a few weeks ago I contacted my old high-school to hear if it wasn’t possible to buy some of the old macs I remember seeing there … Yesterday I got a reply that said I could have anything I wanted for free ! So I paid them a visit and not that much later I became the proud owner of 4 Apple IIc’s. The Apple IIc is a compact/portable version of Steve Woniak’s masterpiece. It has a processor of around 1 mhz and works on 5,25″ floppy disks. Together with the 4 machines, of which each has it’s own little green monitor, I got an Apple imagewriter, tons and tons of floppy’s, all in mint condition, even new floppy’s that were still wrapped in plastic and finally loads of books and original apple manuals. And did I mention the still fully functional external floppy drive? And all that for free ! Considering my age I of course never was able to work in DOS or proDOS in the Apple II’s case. I do, however, plan on reading up on this stuff and will probably try to get the hang of it and develop some basic programming-skills. For now I have to focus on my finals though. When those are over in about, oh let’s say a month and a half, I’ll try to make a video of all this stuff and put it on youtube. If you want to see my older video’s I made introducing old macs, just visit my youtube-page here.

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated …