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iWeb ’08

Sorry not posting the past few weeks, after my trip to America I had to start studying again (at this moment I’m taking a break from studying french cultural history). So anyway, thanks for checking out the blog from time to time even after all this time (the blog turned 1 year old a few weeks ago). I guess I finally succeeded at more or less maintaining a blog … about bloody time. I’ve also noticed that the stats are hitting the roof, mostly due to my post about the simpsons movie (no I didn’t want to squat on the movie, I just wanted to write a post about it).

What I wanted to tell you guys about today is the lastest version of iWeb, an application that is part of the iLife software-package which allow you to create your own website in a snap. Previous versions of the software weren’t very good because of the fact that the code that it created took forever to load and looked horrible until it had fully loaded.

So last week I had some to kill (meaning I got sick and tired of studying and needed a break) and decided I’d try out the new iWeb to create a webpage that is dedicated to my photography. Now as you might know I post all of my pictures on flickr, but I wanted to have a site to which I can direct people for contact information, a short bio and some examples of stuff I already shot. Maybe for a fotoshoot once I get any better at it, who knows. In other words … I wanted an online portofolio. I loaded up one of the templates, filled it up with various info and then decided I didn’t like the template after all. Luckily, contrairy to previous versions of iWeb, you can now easily switch to another template of your choice, move things around to your liking and presto … you’ve got a website.

So I load it up to my FTP (still is a bummer you can’t export to FTP from iWeb itself, you still have to export it to a folder and run it through Cyberduck or a similar app) and I take a look at it in Safari. To my suprise the site loaded in a snap, so I’m pretty sure they enhanced the code-generating behind the app and the code of the templates. Speaking of templates, apple has created a new set of gorgious templates for you to play around with.

Another great new feature is called webwidget which allows you to dynamically insert a google adsense bar, a google map or just html code you find on various web 2.0 sites to create badges and so on …

In conclusion … even though it still inherited some of the previous version’s flaws, the new version of iWeb definitely is a big step forward and allows people who don’t have much experience with building websites to create their own professional-looking page.

You can take a look at the one I created by clicking here.
( I’ll probably register a domain for it in the forseeable future )

Thanks for reading … comments, suggestions and questions always welcome per usual.