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Where I’ve been …

I’m sorry you guys, I know at has been quite a while yet again since my last post. For the few of you who still check my blog from time to time: thanks for sticking with me and I will now unveil what I’ve been up to. This last month and a half I’ve become quite the active flickr-user … even more, I teamed up with some other local photographers (well I simply joined the mechelen-group) and only a few weeks later I found myself being part of organising a photo, flickr … whatever EXPO. I can’t give you much details yet, but as it all goes public I will keep you guys posted. So not only have I been going to meetings about flickr and some audio-medium I can’t tell you much about either (just that it will only be usefull for my Dutch-speaking audience), but I have been out with my camera most of the days. Combine that with the fact that I have about a month and a half before my finals and you might understand why I didn’t feel like blogging … but don’t worry, I’ll be returning sooner than you think. As soon as I have content that is worth your attention, it’ll be on here in a jiffy.

One more thing … I’m running way ahead with this but I might have a cool update for those who were following my trip to the states last year. I will indeed be making a blog-journal of this year’s trip (2 weeks of Tucson (including 4-5 days at the grand canyon) and one week of NYC). This time I will be using wordpress from the get-go (no iWeb for me …), so look out for that around the first of august (mark those google calenders, iCal, outlook, whathaveyou !).

For those who want to read a few posts about my last trip, you can find them in the archive in august 2006, the iWeb page got taken down because my .mac expired.

Later !


Episode N° 1

Here it is ! Episode number 1 of the “from my mind into your ears”-podcast. in this episode I talk about the iPod Shuffle 2nd generation, the holidays, life on the go and Belgium.

Listen right here …

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Enjoy !