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Maanrock 2009 – Pornorama

Maanrock_2009_Pornorama-4, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

At the Maanrock 2009 festival. A free summer festival in the center of Mechelen.


Contour – 4th biennal of the moving image

Contour Video Biennale, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

Mechelen (BEL) hosts a unique initiative for people with an interest in contemporary art as well as architectural history.

Contour presents artists working with film, video and installation in special locations in the historical inner city of Mechelen; unexpected or unusual venues within walking distance from one another.

The fourth edition bears the mark of the Brussels-based curator Katerina Gregos (GRC). Under the title ‘Hidden In Remembrance Is The Silent Memory Of Our Future’, the exhibition probes history, advocates its importance and revolves around questions of historical representation and historiography.

15.08.09 -> 18.10.09