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Upgrading to 24 frames per second

So, last week was quite thrilling for me. Remember how I said I would upgrade to the Nikon Pro line this year? Well, I did! The D4 ended up being a bit out of my price range, but I got offered a practically new (under one year old) Nikon D3S for a very fair price. I decided to go for it and boy, am I glad I did. The Nikon D3S is probably the best allround camera for someone who does mostly press related photography like me. Even though it’s “only” a 12 MP sensor like my D300 had, ISO sensitivity differs leaps and bounds and the ability to shoot 11 still frames per seconds opens up some great multimedia capabilities (see more below). There’s a lot to say about the device and I need a little more time to get the complete hang of it in order to give you guys my full review.

One of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade is video. I specialized in video during the last year of my journalism studies, and even shot my dissertation on a DSLR.  I was looking for a way to continue that work and as I need a good stills camera to do my photography work, the video capability on the D3S  is a great plus for me. I’ve decided to do some very small multimedia projects to get back into the flow of things and would like to share my first result with you guys. This past weekend, about 50 Congolese people protested in the main streets of Mechelen against Kabila’s reelection. I ended up with a 40 second clip mixing stills and video with their chanting in the background to give people a taste of the atmosphere. Any comments are, as always, very welcome. This video also got published over @

Who you gonna call?

Another set of shots that never made it to print. A few weeks ago we got a bit of a storm, causing trees to snap and fall, in this case, on a busy acces to the E19 freeway. Most of the debris had been removed once I got there, but seems appropriate to give some […]

Easy Rider

© Gil Plaquet

An image that didn’t make it to print. This was one of those moments where I realize I really love being a freelance photographer: making money doing what I love, at a place I would be passing by anyway (a local record fair). #awesome, right?


It might be bad for my accident karma, but I just wanted to share this scene I passed by earlier. Looks like the truck grabbed the car by the side and dragged it along for a bit. If that’s the case, that’s one sturdy VW.

Patrick Hattori

Patrick Hattori Medium

Portrait of press photographer Patrick Hatorri to go with a school article.


Breakdancer, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

Assignment for StampMedia @ Your World City Games (Rotterdam European Youth Capital 2009)