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Press This !

WordPress finally has his it’s own equivalent of “blog this”.

About time !

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WordPress for the iPhone

The iPhone is without a doubt the way of the future for blogging. It still won’t be the same as writing your post on the full fledged keyboard of your mac, but if you want to blog whenever from wherever, apple’s hot gadget is a good option.

Until now, however, writing a post in the web-interface on the iPhone was anything but easy. That’s why wordpress has come up with a nice little app to edit several wordpress blogs on the go (be it personally hosted or on

The app is available for free in the app store.

Ps: this post was written on my iPhone.


Moblogging from an iPhone

Now that I have a data plan for my iPhone I set it up so that I can moblog from it. Here’s how I set it up.

What you need

How to set it up

  • After creating a new blog and having it look just the way you want head over to flickr.
  • Go into your accout setting and set up the blog under the blogging options.
  • Now go into the e-mail settings of your flickr account.
  • There should be a standard e-mail adress listed for uploading, however you want to avtivate the “post to blog” option, which, after selecting which of your registered blogs you want to post to and what the size of the picture in the post should be, will generate a second mail adress with “mail2blog” in it. You also have the option to have the body of your mail used as the body of your post and you can set some default tags like “moblog” for example.
  • Now add this mail adress to your iPhone’s adress book (I simply called it moblog).

Moblogging with the iPhone in practice

  • Take a picture
  • Select “mail picture”
  • Adress it to your flickr mail2blog adress
  • Type the title you want in your subject line
  • If you want to add tags type tags:yourtaghere anothertag “tag with spaces” into the body of the message.
  • Hit send and you’re done

It looks complicated but once it’s set up it’s a very easy and fast way to moblog from your iPhone.

Check out my moblog over at “From my iPhone onto your screen

Barcamp Ghent 2008

Coming to you live from Barcamp Gent 2008. Barcamp is a “geeky” event at which everybody has to put in their two cents, be it serving coffee, doing a presentation, taking pictures or shooting some video.

A whole day of geeky fun, together with the misses, can’t ask for more now can I ?
For the official Flickr-group, take a look over at

Multi-media living: continued …


Not that long ago, I witnessed a fire not far from my home. My favourite Italian place went up in flames. I didn’t have my camera with me but was able to snap a few decent shots with my iPhone. I rushed home and about 20 minutes after, I had written an article on a local blog and uploaded the pictures to flickr.

A week later I was contacted by someone from “De Gazet Van Antwerpen“, a Belgian newspaper, to ask me if they could use one of my pictures to go with a follow-up story. They promised to mention my full name and the blog I posted my article on and did so.

What I’m tryin to get at … thanks to the internet, journalism no longer only belongs to professionals, any decent photographer/writer can put news out there on the web, sometimes way before the newspapers mention it on their sites or on paper. Now, I’m not saying that newspapers are obsolete, far from, but they’re are starting to understand that they should be open to alternative sources like blogs.

The “Jongerenmedia Agentschap” which C.H.I.P.S. VZW is erecting nicely ties in to that. The goal of this organisation is to give young people from the Antwerp region between the ages of 16 and 26 a chance to get the media they create out to the masses by , for example, offering legal assistance and a gateway to mainstream media.

If you think this has your name written all over it, don’t hesitate going over to the Jongerenmedia Agentschap website and signing up for the free workshops from the 25th ’til the 28th of march @ Trix Music Center in Borgerhout.

Multi-media living

It had been a while since I had taken my camera along for the ride to Antwerp. As always, I was just looking around for little details I wanted to catch on “sensor”. My personal favourite of the day is this one of a man who was filming how the subway propelled itself through the tunnel.

It made me think about how important multi-media has become in our lives. We listen to music on our iPods or even watch video on them, we take snapshots or shoot some video with cell-phones one couldn’t dream of 10 years ago. Sites like youtube and flickr add a social perspective to this phenomenon. We share what we see, hear and think with the rest of the world through social networking sites and blogs.

We ARE the online multi-media generation and an exciting future awaits us.


click to watch the video

is Telenet‘s (one of Belgium’s major ISP’s) version of Youtube. Part of the garageTV-crew was at the Bwards last saturday and gave bloggers a chance to promote their blogs.