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Stalken met stijl


Afgelopen woensdag kon ik dankzij @whocares0 van mee naar een Blackberry-event in het poepchique Lux in Antwerpen voor de voorstelling van de nieuwe Urban Tours applicatie. Deze software toont je de favoriete plekjes van een hele hoop nationale en internationale sterren die nooit zonder hun Blackberry de deur uit gaan. Urban Tours heeft alle capaciteiten van je crackberry mee: zo kan je meteen bellen voor een reservatie, de route uitstippelen in Google of Blackberry maps en kan je je ter plaatse met een op je GPS gebaseerd kompas naar de ingang navigeren.

Allemaal heel leuk, maar waar ik vooral naar benieuwd was, was wanneer App World bij ons beschikbaar zal zijn. Meer dan een sneak preview, welke er zeer indrukwekkend uit zag, en een geruststellende “Het komt … binnenkort.” kwam ik echter niet te weten. Als RIM uiteindelijk toch beslist om het in ons land te lanceren zal het met applicaties als Urban Tours en nog vele anderen zich naast haar trouwe aanhang van suits en geeks nog meer op gewone consumenten kunnen gaan richten.

Om de applicatie te downloaden surf je met je Blackberry Browser naar

Do you poken ?


Yesterday I got my very own Poken (special thanks to Clopin for ordering). A Poken is a sort of virtual business card that comes in various designs (bee, alien, skull, panda) and can be wirelessly exchanged with another Poken over RFID.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You go to and buy one or, even better, gather 11 friends and order a batch of 12 like the belgian twittosphere has been doing. The damage: 10 euros.
  2. Your Poken is being shipped. In the meanwhile, find something else to do. Like, for example, reading your feeds or taking a very long walk.
  3. Your Poken arrives. Unpack it, plug into the nearest USB port you can find and start up the file “start_poken.html. You’ll be redirected to the website to create an account. This is where you add you’re picture, contact information and link your Poken account to your various social network accounts.
  4. Start up that html file one more time to log in and link your Poken device to your account.
  5. And that’s it … you’re done ! Congrats ! What are you waiting for ? Get out there and start Poken …

PS: And another thing: the Poken has 1 gig of memory built in, so you can also use it as a memory stick if you’d like.

Soocial, it’s got my vote !


Was suprised to find an invite for in my inbox today. Soocial is an online service that delivers what it states on it’s website: “hassle”-free contacts.

What this all boils down too is that this (for now) free service syncs all yours gimo’s so that you have all your contacts wherever you go.

Here are the various way to sync:
– macs: a pref app that automatically syncs your adress book with soocial servers
– mobile: sync your cell phone (anxiously awaiting the blackberry app, which is in development)
– Gmail: sync your Gmail adress book
– acces your contacts from any computer
– highrise: a CRM I myself am not familiar with

Setting up is really and the best part is that it’s free.

Feel like checking it out yourself ? Head on over to

Press This !

WordPress finally has his it’s own equivalent of “blog this”.

About time !

Press This Bookmarklet «

WordPress for the iPhone

The iPhone is without a doubt the way of the future for blogging. It still won’t be the same as writing your post on the full fledged keyboard of your mac, but if you want to blog whenever from wherever, apple’s hot gadget is a good option.

Until now, however, writing a post in the web-interface on the iPhone was anything but easy. That’s why wordpress has come up with a nice little app to edit several wordpress blogs on the go (be it personally hosted or on

The app is available for free in the app store.

Ps: this post was written on my iPhone.


Moblogging from an iPhone

Now that I have a data plan for my iPhone I set it up so that I can moblog from it. Here’s how I set it up.

What you need

How to set it up

  • After creating a new blog and having it look just the way you want head over to flickr.
  • Go into your accout setting and set up the blog under the blogging options.
  • Now go into the e-mail settings of your flickr account.
  • There should be a standard e-mail adress listed for uploading, however you want to avtivate the “post to blog” option, which, after selecting which of your registered blogs you want to post to and what the size of the picture in the post should be, will generate a second mail adress with “mail2blog” in it. You also have the option to have the body of your mail used as the body of your post and you can set some default tags like “moblog” for example.
  • Now add this mail adress to your iPhone’s adress book (I simply called it moblog).

Moblogging with the iPhone in practice

  • Take a picture
  • Select “mail picture”
  • Adress it to your flickr mail2blog adress
  • Type the title you want in your subject line
  • If you want to add tags type tags:yourtaghere anothertag “tag with spaces” into the body of the message.
  • Hit send and you’re done

It looks complicated but once it’s set up it’s a very easy and fast way to moblog from your iPhone.

Check out my moblog over at “From my iPhone onto your screen

Connect your music

simplify media

Simplify Media is an awesome discovery of mine. It’s a service that’s available for mac, pc, linux, iphone and ipod touch and allows you to share your music library with your friends and discover theirs. In iTunes, it works the same way as if you would share libraries on a local network, only with Simplify Media the computers can be on the other side of the world, because you’re sharing it over the internet.

The service supports iTunes, Winamp AND linux players, AAC ,WMA ,MP3 , etc. I particulary like the iPhone interface, it’s a native app that allows you to browse your music (handy if all your music doesn’t fit on your iPhone) and that of your friends from anywhere where there’s wifi. The iPhone version also gives you information on the artist, the lyrics and there’s a convenient link to the iTunes music store to buy that newly discovered song and download it straight to your phone.

If you’re as fond of music as I am … you’ll love it.

My username is applefanbe if you care to share.