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Passion (on wheels)

What a beautiful car!

TAM Time !

I’ve been a big fan of Al Diblasi’s video’s for almost two years now. Today, via TUAW, I found a video of his latest classic mac acquisition. Al bought himself a Twentieth Anniversary Mac in the box, unopened, off of eBay. These machines used to cost 10000 dollars, were delivered in a limo and even someone who set it up for you at home. Bose had a big part in the design, mind you that big thing next to the screen is not a computer, it’s just the Bose subwoofer. The TAM’s 1997 design was more or less the basis of the current iMac line.

Geek + tasty beverage = floppy disk coasters

per chipchick

Despite the fact that floppy disks only held mere kilobytes of data, we still have fond memories of them. Nowadays they are unfortunately just about useless, but are rather iconic items. Supermandolini has a set of 6 Soft Sector glass coasters that are designed just like those floppy disks of yore. The colorful coasters are made of a vinyl top with a gloss finish and foam base. The Soft Sector coasters retail for €27.00.

I really like the design and wouldn’t mind putting my tasty beverage on them.