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Stalken met stijl


Afgelopen woensdag kon ik dankzij @whocares0 van mee naar een Blackberry-event in het poepchique Lux in Antwerpen voor de voorstelling van de nieuwe Urban Tours applicatie. Deze software toont je de favoriete plekjes van een hele hoop nationale en internationale sterren die nooit zonder hun Blackberry de deur uit gaan. Urban Tours heeft alle capaciteiten van je crackberry mee: zo kan je meteen bellen voor een reservatie, de route uitstippelen in Google of Blackberry maps en kan je je ter plaatse met een op je GPS gebaseerd kompas naar de ingang navigeren.

Allemaal heel leuk, maar waar ik vooral naar benieuwd was, was wanneer App World bij ons beschikbaar zal zijn. Meer dan een sneak preview, welke er zeer indrukwekkend uit zag, en een geruststellende “Het komt … binnenkort.” kwam ik echter niet te weten. Als RIM uiteindelijk toch beslist om het in ons land te lanceren zal het met applicaties als Urban Tours en nog vele anderen zich naast haar trouwe aanhang van suits en geeks nog meer op gewone consumenten kunnen gaan richten.

Om de applicatie te downloaden surf je met je Blackberry Browser naar

The next best berry

Just a few months after the launch of the Blackberry Bold RIM is rolling out it’s latest version of the Curve (codenamed Javelin). Like the last model in the Curve-series, it will be a more affordable Blackberry with lots of multimedia-functionality that, unlike the Pearl, offers a full keyboard but is cheaper than the high-end 8800 (now Bold and Storm).

What’s inside

  • GPS: hopefully we’ll see a 3rd party application by TomTom or Garmin soon.
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus: great for moblogging.
  • Full tacktile keyboard: I still prefer it over touchscreen solutions.
  • Trackball: my current model still had the jogwheel on the side, but the trackball has been a Blackberry standard for over a year now.
  • Gorgeous display: the Curve has a just a bit smaller version of the crisp clear display that comes on the Bold.
  • 4.6 OS: like the Bold, the latest version of the Curve comes with the latest version of the Blakcberry OS.
  • Hot-swappable MicroSD: great for use an mp3-player.
  • EDGE: jup, no 3G, but for larger files you can use the built-in WiFi.

That’s about all I know about it for now. Since the Canadian launch, the Curve has been popping up on both the US and UK sites. Hopefully, it won’t take long before it comes to Belgium so I can get my hands on one. I am really considering this one as an upgrade to my 8707v if pricing will be around that of the current Curve (at around 350 euros).

Apple to berry … the 1 month round-up

My latest and greatest addiction


The iPhone, apple’s latest and greatest gadget, has drasticly changed how we percieve cellphones anno 2008. It might shock you but, despite being the hardcore apple fanboy that I am, I decided to switch over to a blackberry. Some call it blasphemy, others call it a downgrade … I for one, am sold.

I think the major trigger for my switch was 2.0 software, which made the iPhone waaaaay slower than 1.1.4. Combine that with the fact that I had totally had it with that broken screen of mine and you get me running over to the dark side.

So I started looking online and found a sweet deal: a second hand 8707v, like new (really, I don’t think it was ever used) for € 150. It’s an older model that doesn’t have the trackball like the new models, GPS, a camera or media capabilities, but for a blackberry-newbie like me, it’s perfect.


  • push e-mail: e-mail is VERY important for a geek like me, it’s the last thing I check before I go to sleep and the first thing I do when I get up. The blackberry internet services work seemlessly, the split second it arrives on your server it’s there with you on the go.
  • twitterberry: I’ll admit, I am a twitter addict and twitterberry just does it for me, unlike twinkle and other iPhone-based twitter apps that are on the slow side or just take up too much data.
  • facebook: same thing, no fancy shmancy stuff … just the stuff you really and it works without losing skipping a beat.
  • keyboard: let’s just say that I thought I was fast with my iPhone’s on-screen keyboard, that’s until I tried a blackberry keyboard, there’s just something about tack-tile buttons.
  • coverage: the 8707v was blackberry’s first 3G model and I’ve noticed that the 3G reception is better than the iPhone 3G.
  • battery: this is the first smartphone I use that can go for 3 days or more, despite the fact that I’m using it non-stop.
  • call quality: the blackberry sounds great when on calls and has a nifty little feature, it amplifies your own voice just a bit, which is very handy when making a call in noisy conditions.


  • form factor: my model, the 8707v, is a bit on the chuncky side, however, newer models like the bold have way sleeker design.
  • OS: the 4.3 OS has it’s limits and quirks, I’m interested to see what the latest OS on a bold holds for me.
  • vibrate: the 8707 v has a very loud and sometimes annoying vibrate function.
  • desktop software: sadly enough no official blackberry desktop software for the mac. Good thing the Pocketmac people offer a great alternative.