Elementary: from Zero Cool to Sherlock


I don’t always like the trending TV shows, but when I do … I just can’t get enough of it. Elementary is one of those shows. Best described as a cross between CSI:NY and House, it stars John Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes, a rather eccentric “consultant in logical deduction” for the NYPD. He is joined by Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, who plays a post-rehab companion that helps keep Sherlock of heroin and on track to recovery. The base premise for the series is that Sherlock used to have the same position at Scotland Yard before his substance abuse got the best of him and ended him in a NY rehab center.

A lot of you will remember John Lee Miller as Sickboy from Trainspotting, but to me he’ll always be Zero Cool from the 1995 cyberflick Hackers. Although the movie wasn’t that good (more of a cult fim really), it defined the computer culture and New York City (so much that I watched it on the plane as I flew into NYC for my first visit in 2007) to the 8 to 16 year old me who saw this movie every time Belgian TV decided to air it …

It’s rather interesting how you can draw a tiny bit of a simile between Hugh Laurie and John Lee Miller. They both are British born actors who are catering to the American market (JLM used an American accent in Hackers, for obvious reasons Holmes is a British character) and they both play eccentric know-it-alls who are the best at what they do. It is therefore no surprise that both House and now Elementary are part of my top 10 series (although I wouldn’t know where to put Elementary until I see some more seasons).

Want to check it out for yourself? Elementary airs in Belgium on sunday nights on VIER @ 21.10. This week they’ll be broadcasting s01e13.

Enjoy and don’t forget to hack the planet!

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