In November of 2010 Clo and I moved from Mechelen’s historic city center to Nekkerspoel (best described as a multicultural suburbian neighborhood). It’s mostly known for it’s “Nekkerhal” exhibit hall and (the largest) toy museum (in the world). I’ve been playing with the idea to collect shots of the neighborhood ever since, but have only just started to take action. It’s probably going to be a mix of digital and analog, architecture, street photography and hopefully some portraits too. My goal is to bring you guys an image every now and then so you can get to know this sometimes unfairly judged part of Mechelen. It even has an English Wikipedia entry.


This first picture shows part of the before mentioned Nekkerhal. This 18.500 m² structure was originally built in 1981 to function as a huge vegetable hall but was soon used as an event hall instead. Every year multiple car shows, jumble sales, sporting events and much more take place in the just over 300 m long pillarless space inside. I’ve always liked the design even though it clearly shows it’s 80’s roots inside (did anyone say brown?). The white domes that cover the entrance somehow make me think of 50’s style American drive in diners and gas stations. Recently, it’s council decided it’s time to give the old girl a facelift. I’m curious as to what they’ll make of it.

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