2012, the year of …

My upgrade to the Nikon pro line

Nikon just launched the D4 camera, it’s latest (and greatest) in it’s pro digital DSLR line. My D300 just turned 3 years and it’s starting to show. Autofocus isn’t responding the way it should and I’m under the impression that the right part of my sensor might have shifted (from dropping, motorbike vibrations, not sure) making it constantly, ever so slightly out of focus. So yes, I will be upgrading, now it’s just a matter of saving up the dough.

My move to the cloud

And I’m already a big part of the way there. iCloud with iTunes match, spotifiy, … More and more of my media is being streamed rather that stored. I’m looking forward to seeing extra features being offered on the iCloud platform: in-app services, hosting (hey Apple, where’s my iDisk?!) and a MobileMe galleries like service (I actually used that).

My 5th trip to the US

January is the month for booking cheap flights and that’s exactly what I did. The misses and I are heading West again with a stop at my aunt in Tucson, a visit to friends in LA and a whole lot more. We’ll probably be documenting the trip in true geek style. If you can recommend any pre paid data plans with good coverage on the West Coast, do drop a line in the comments.


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