Birth of a server

Thanks to a mac shuffle throughout the house (the misses got a new laptop), I found a new candidate in my never-ending search of a pet project. I decided to turn my old first generation white Macbook (FLASHBACK!) into a Mac OS server. I have very little experience with servers, none actually, so I’m curious to see how it’ll go along. The goal is to host my own portfolio/company website, as I’m (hopefully) going to graduate next month. To start it all off, I went ahead and registered (powered by Priorweb).

What I’ve done so for:

– Installed Snow Leopard server
– Installed Insomniax to keep the Macbook awake (for some reason that particular model doesn’t like waking up with the lid closed since Snow Leopard)
– Installed Sequel Pro for editing MySQL databases (I know, I know, real geeks do that stuff in Terminal)
– Exploring the server OS, probably ruining stuff all over the place

What I’m not sure about / would like to know:

– WordPress, Drupal or … ?
– Will Telenet start bitchin’ (I know they block port 80)?
– What are absolute essentials when running your own (Mac) server?


4 responses to “Birth of a server”

  1. Mike says :

    I never really understood what MacOS Server does. It’s a Unix based system, so…
    AFAIU there were some streaming services on the MacOS Server… Apparently, Apple drops the server edition as of next version.

  2. Gil says :


    There is a Quicktime Broadcast App, but I’m pretty sure you could run that on any client mac as well. I actually think the misses used that for her “Ikea is delivering the wrong couch”-streams way back when …

    Besides that it has services like iCal, Adress Book, Mail (duh), Wiki’s, etc.

  3. Mike says :

    Quicktime Broadcast, that was it!
    I bet there are compatible open source projects for all that you mention above. But hey, give this a try and have fun 😉

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