Agfa Optima 200

Newest addition to the camera collection. An Agfa Optima 200 “sensor”. Sadly enough all the print on the body has faded with the years. This full-automatic camera (the only settings are ASA and flash distance) featured a shutter sensor (the orange circle) to reduce camera movement. A built in light sensor tells you whether there is enough light or not thanks to a red or green circle in the viewfinder. At first glance it’s in good working condition, I’ve loaded a film and will share the results soon.

2 responses to “Agfa Optima 200”

  1. Emma says :

    Hi I just bought this camera from a little op shop in Italy. How did you go taking photos with it and do you have any tips for getting good results?

  2. Janna Tuominen says :

    Me too, I’ve got this camera, but the problem is that I cannot see the light that indicates whether there is enough light or not… Does this mean that my camera doesn’t work?

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