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Vredeborch Vredebox

Another camera I picked up at a rummage sale today. I’d already seen this type of ┬ácamera in @bunkers’s collection as it was a camera he inherited from his grandfather. It’s in absolute top conditon with the original box and manual. If anyone knows how to date this camera, please share. All I know is that production stopped in 1970. I’ve loaded a film and hope to share the first results soon.

Vredeborch Vredebox

Vredeborch Vredebox

Agfa Optima 200

Newest addition to the camera collection. An Agfa Optima 200 “sensor”. Sadly enough all the print on the body has faded with the years. This full-automatic camera (the only settings are ASA and flash distance) featured a shutter sensor (the orange circle) to reduce camera movement. A built in light sensor tells you whether there is enough light or not thanks to a red or green circle in the viewfinder. At first glance it’s in good working condition, I’ve loaded a film and will share the results soon.

Getting your music in the zone …

These past few months, I had the chance to test out the latest wireless speaker system by Sonos: the Zoneplayer S5. I’ve know the brand for a while, but never got to checking it out properly before. What Sonos basicly does is allow you to play your entire music collection and almost every online music service in multiple zones spread through your home, wirelessly and with almost no set up required.

So let’s start by taking a look at the device itself: the design looks similar to that of the Bose Sound Dock. It’s sleek, minimalistic and feels sturdy. To keep everything simple the amount of buttons has been reduced to the bare minimum: there’s a volume up and down button and a mute button, thats it. On the back you’ll find an audio in port, headphone port, a simple power chord (no clunky brick!) and an ethernet hub to plug it into your wired internet, where available.

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