How to make silence sound great

I’ve always been a huge fan of headphones. No wimpy earbuds for me, I’ll have some of those hefty ear-warmer looking things, thank you very much. They just feel much sturdier and, in most cases, sound so much better. Bluetooth headphones however, up to now, have been the headphones that wanted to sound good, but couldn’t. You see despite the fact that they had larger speakers with more potential, they have always been crippled by the fact that Bluetooth didn’t have enough bandwidth to stream high quality audio, therefore making them sound like the pair of crappy black, red’n’blue earbuds you get for free on “selected” flights. It looks, or rather sounds, that all of that is changing. The people at Nokia were kind enough to send me a review unit of their latest BH905 bluetooth noise-canceling headphones and, boy, did I like the sound of that.

When you open the, rather large, sort of kidney-shaped carrying bag the headphones come in you’ll find a collection of adapters, extension cables and, of course, a power adapter. The headphones obviously need juice to power the bluetooth connection and noise-canceling, but one thing I found rather annoying is that when the battery’s dead, you can’t even use it  plugged in without noise cancellation. It sounds like your music is coming from the end of a very long hallway. However battery life is pretty darn good so you won’t run out of juice that often. As you expect from Nokia, it also has an excellent built-in microphone to take any calls you might get while rockin’ out to your favourite tunes.

So why would you be in the market for these headphones? Well, if you want quality audio without the hassle of wires, up to 600 hours of stand-by time and the added functionality of being able to answer phone calls with active cancellation and two microphones, this are the headphones for you. They’re comfy, easy to use and setting them up with your phone, iPod Touch or even iPad is a matter of seconds. At €279, it’s more for those passionate about their audio than the occasional user. But then again, this product sounds AND feels just as good as let’s say a Bose set of headphones, which is in the same price class, only they still haven’t come out with a wireless headset you can use with your mobile phone.

More info over @ Nokia’s website.

Some more pictures:


2 responses to “How to make silence sound great”

  1. Glenn says :

    Wow those sound really nice. Do you really think that their bluethooth implementation is good enough for them to sound as good as comparable wired headphones? Also, a major complaint I have with my Motorola bluetooth headphones is a background hiss that you can hear when the volume is set low. Do you notice any background noise with these? I’d love a pair of wireless headphones that are as good as my wired Bose. That would be great if these were.

  2. Gil says :

    I have a wired Bose around-ear and must say that the sound-quality came really close. There will always be a bit of static on most recordings, even wired, but I didn’t hear any noticeable hiss. It was even hard to distinguish wired from wireless mode.

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