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Album: Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen (1982)

I never really did any album-reviews on here but ever since I turned my iTunes-view to album, thus creating a colorful wall of album-covers whenever I start iTunes, I really started appreciating albums as a whole.

Friends of mine gave me an iTunes card for my birthday, be it on one condition: I had to buy to buy Nebraska, a 1982 album by Bruce Springsteen, with it. And so I did and it’s € 6,99 damn well spent. Nebraska is one big roadtrip on a sometimes slow and dreary and other times smooth and up-tempo road. A combination of accoustic guitar, Springsteen’s deep, enchanting voice and the occasional hint of harmonica make this one of the best albums I’ve heard in years.

Mom & Els’ wedding

Check out the set:

Stijn ( was the official photographer but I couldn’t help snapping some shots myself. Check out for his set.

the bigger picture

Wiiiiiiiiide view, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

Got two new lenses today. First off the Sigma 10-20mm: I had seen it in action multiple times as many of my Flickr-buddies had it. It’s just an amazing little lense that offers a real “bigger picture”. I’ll post some more shots as soon as I get the chance to head out with it. The second one isn’t as exciting but worth mentioning nonetheless: I got a bargain on a mint-condition second hand Nikon AF 70-300 (originally manufactured for the analog F-series camera’s) so I can get just that little closer to the action on my next soccer-assignment.