Palm: from pre-historic to cutting edge


Palm, the creator of the legendary PalmPilot PDA, hasn’t been doing so good the past year or two, I think we can all admit that. However, last week at CES, the company presented it’s latest smartphone: the Pre and unlike Palm’s previous (short-lived) experiment, the Foleo, it was warmly welcomed by the tech-crowd in Vegas.

So what does it do ?

  • Touch-screen: the Pre continues the touch-screen trend as set by the iPhone. What’s innovative though is that swiping the screen allows the user to rapidly switch between applications by going left or right and quitting the app by swiping up, something other touch-phones and even the iPhone don’t offer.
  • Multi-tasking: the Pre brings true multi-tasking to the mobile platform. Switching between apps is as easy as swiping your finger and gives it all an exposé-like look and feel.
  • Connections: the Pre has only been announced yet for Sprint’s EVDO (3G) network, besides that the device offers Wifi, GPS and bluetooth.
  • Multimeda: the Pre comes with a 3 megapixel camera and 8 gigabytes of, sadly enough, built-in memory to use it as a media player.

That’s about all that’s known about the device for now. I’m really glad to see Palm got it’s act together and will possibly return to the smartphone-market as a big player. The release date should be somewhere in the first half of this year, US pricing (with a plan) is estimated at around 200 dollars.


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2 responses to “Palm: from pre-historic to cutting edge”

  1. Gert-Jan says :

    I’ve been reading en looking up images of the Palm Pre and its UI on the internet and i must say it looks pretty good (engadget has a great article dedicaded to it). The outside is a mess i think, you get this vertical device when you slide out the keyboard but when you turn the Palm 90 degrees the screen flips… so if you want type in a url you need to switch back 90° type and switch back again in order to see it in wide screen.

    I think that the biggest problem with developing new smartphones is going to be the synchronizing between your pc/mac/linux computers. Apple’s got his iTunes, google’s got.. well it’s google it works on everything but looks like shit and then we have blackberry, good old blackberry. To introduce a “new” smartphone you need to ensure people they can easily synchronize and i haven’t seen anything on that for the palm…

  2. Gil says :


    That’s a good point about the landscape mode. I didn’t know about that one.

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