The next best berry

Just a few months after the launch of the Blackberry Bold RIM is rolling out it’s latest version of the Curve (codenamed Javelin). Like the last model in the Curve-series, it will be a more affordable Blackberry with lots of multimedia-functionality that, unlike the Pearl, offers a full keyboard but is cheaper than the high-end 8800 (now Bold and Storm).

What’s inside

  • GPS: hopefully we’ll see a 3rd party application by TomTom or Garmin soon.
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus: great for moblogging.
  • Full tacktile keyboard: I still prefer it over touchscreen solutions.
  • Trackball: my current model still had the jogwheel on the side, but the trackball has been a Blackberry standard for over a year now.
  • Gorgeous display: the Curve has a just a bit smaller version of the crisp clear display that comes on the Bold.
  • 4.6 OS: like the Bold, the latest version of the Curve comes with the latest version of the Blakcberry OS.
  • Hot-swappable MicroSD: great for use an mp3-player.
  • EDGE: jup, no 3G, but for larger files you can use the built-in WiFi.

That’s about all I know about it for now. Since the Canadian launch, the Curve has been popping up on both the US and UK sites. Hopefully, it won’t take long before it comes to Belgium so I can get my hands on one. I am really considering this one as an upgrade to my 8707v if pricing will be around that of the current Curve (at around 350 euros).


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