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Photo: New Year’s Reception Mechelen 2009

Nieuwjaarsreceptie stad Mechelen 2009

Photo: Tram

Tram, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

Alphabet trucks


Found this one in my feeds today. Photographer Eric Tabuchi just released a book called “Alphabet Trucks”. It’s the result of thousands of miles of driving. I really like these “photocollections”. My favourites are the various towers by Bernd and Hilla Becher, Ed Ruscha’s gas stations (which clearly inspired Tabuchi since he is working on a project called “Abandoned gas stations”) and of course Atget’s work, who eternalised a Paris that was rapidly fading.

via Booooooooooom!

Do you poken ?


Yesterday I got my very own Poken (special thanks to Clopin for ordering). A Poken is a sort of virtual business card that comes in various designs (bee, alien, skull, panda) and can be wirelessly exchanged with another Poken over RFID.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You go to and buy one or, even better, gather 11 friends and order a batch of 12 like the belgian twittosphere has been doing. The damage: 10 euros.
  2. Your Poken is being shipped. In the meanwhile, find something else to do. Like, for example, reading your feeds or taking a very long walk.
  3. Your Poken arrives. Unpack it, plug into the nearest USB port you can find and start up the file “start_poken.html. You’ll be redirected to the website to create an account. This is where you add you’re picture, contact information and link your Poken account to your various social network accounts.
  4. Start up that html file one more time to log in and link your Poken device to your account.
  5. And that’s it … you’re done ! Congrats ! What are you waiting for ? Get out there and start Poken …

PS: And another thing: the Poken has 1 gig of memory built in, so you can also use it as a memory stick if you’d like.

Palm: from pre-historic to cutting edge


Palm, the creator of the legendary PalmPilot PDA, hasn’t been doing so good the past year or two, I think we can all admit that. However, last week at CES, the company presented it’s latest smartphone: the Pre and unlike Palm’s previous (short-lived) experiment, the Foleo, it was warmly welcomed by the tech-crowd in Vegas.

So what does it do ?

  • Touch-screen: the Pre continues the touch-screen trend as set by the iPhone. What’s innovative though is that swiping the screen allows the user to rapidly switch between applications by going left or right and quitting the app by swiping up, something other touch-phones and even the iPhone don’t offer.
  • Multi-tasking: the Pre brings true multi-tasking to the mobile platform. Switching between apps is as easy as swiping your finger and gives it all an exposé-like look and feel.
  • Connections: the Pre has only been announced yet for Sprint’s EVDO (3G) network, besides that the device offers Wifi, GPS and bluetooth.
  • Multimeda: the Pre comes with a 3 megapixel camera and 8 gigabytes of, sadly enough, built-in memory to use it as a media player.

That’s about all that’s known about the device for now. I’m really glad to see Palm got it’s act together and will possibly return to the smartphone-market as a big player. The release date should be somewhere in the first half of this year, US pricing (with a plan) is estimated at around 200 dollars.

The merge


A quick service message:

I’ve been really active on my blog these past few days. I guess you could say writing relaxes me in between studying. Today I’ve made a big decision: before I used to have this blog for general posts and a dutch photography blog over at I decided to merge the blogs so that all my post are available in the same feed over on my domain ( The imported photography-posts are in dutch but the future ones will probably be in English, I’m not sure yet.

Road trip !


For the fourth summer in a row I’ll be crossing the pond to the land of the free. Some of you might remember our blog for last year’s trip to New York. In fact, I started this very blog on my first trip to my aunt in Tucson back in 2006. And that’s exactly where we’re heading this year.

So here’s our itinerary: we’re flying out to San Francisco on the 21st of july where we’re renting an SUV. From there we’ll drive down the West Coast down to Los Angeles and maybe even San Diego. Then we’ll head East to get to Tucson on the 28th of july. From there I’m planning trips to Tombstone, Nogales (Mexico), Las Vegas and we might even drive up to Death Valley. Our returning flight will leave Phoenix on the 4th of august.

Some stuff we’ll see on our way:

  • Alcatraz
  • Golden Gate Bidge
  • 1 ininite loop, Cupertino (like … duh !)
  • Silicon Valley
  • Hearst Castle
  • Hollywood
  • Long Beach
  • Tombstone
  • Nogales
  • Biosphere
  • Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • Death Valley

These are of course just the first things to pop inside my head but I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys. If you’ve got any, feel free to leave a comment.