Nikon D300: a hands-on review

d300the D300 body with MB-D10 battery grip attached

It’s been a few weeks since I got my D300. Time to share my thoughts on it. The D300 is what you would call a semi-professional camera. It’s in between the more affordable D80 – D90 and the high-end D700 and D3 models.


  • Nikon has done an amazing job with engineering the controls on this body. As a result of more than 50 years of expertise. The lay-out of the controls and how they function are so good it almost feels as if the camera is part of your body.
  • I’ve come a far way from my D70s (which is still a great nevertheless) when it comes to ISO settings. With the D70s I could get up to 800 without having too much noise, but once I went higher than that though, it was really irritating with all the noise. With the D300, I can take picture at 200 and 2000 ISO and hardly see the difference. The 100 ISO setting (aka low 1.0) is also a great addition for very bright lighting-conditions.
  • The body feels very solid and all the conntectors and buttons are more or less sealed for use in, not pouring, but some rain.
  • I was very sceptic about the live-view mode and doubted there was any use for. It is, however great for checking what the best white-balance is and taking tripod-shots with a very specific focal point as you can zoom in digitally on your screen.
  • Haven’t had the chance to see if it actually works, but who can say no to a self-cleaning sensor ?
  • The MB-D10 battery grip puts you back another 230 euro’s, but is worth every cent. It just feels amazing, let’s you shoot at 8 frames per second and seriously extends your battery-life.


  • I don’t see it as one myself, but I guess some people will say that at around 825 grams, the D300 is on the heavier side, most definitely with the MB-D10 attached.
  • Once you start digging in the menu’s, things can get somewhat overwhelming, so read the f’in manual !
  • If you use the advantages the D300 offers over the D90, it’s worth every penny. If you don’t, you might want to check out the D90 though.

Overall, the D300 is a great camera and it’s no suprise CNET gave it an editor’s choice award when it first came out last year. Nikon has definitely set a standard in semi-professional digital SLR’s with this one.


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3 responses to “Nikon D300: a hands-on review”

  1. Jan says :

    Very nice! I’m thinking about getting a D90 myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Marc VC says :

    Ik heb nu ook een nieuwe sinds afgelopen zaterdag
    proud owner of a canon 450d ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Body Pillow ยท says :

    my first digital SLR camera was an EOS450D, now i have an EOS550D which also shoots high resolution video -*,

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