A solid, green multimedia machine

It’s been over a week now since Apple launched it’s latest additions to the macbook and macbook pro line. We got a shipment at the store soon after they were announced, so I’ve had a chance to take them for a quick test drive. 

The pro’s:

  • Unibody casing: the body of the machine feels very sturdy and looks gorgeous, it’s clear the design is based off of what Apple learned by doing the macbook air. 
  • Trackpad: Apple laptops, in the last few years, have had the best trackpads out there because of their comfort and ease of use. But this new one is even better and it feels great! Apple even researched the friction and it feels really smooth. The fact that the trackpad is now one big button makes it even easier to control your computer without the burden of carrying along an external mouse.
  • NVIDIA graphics chips: they finally got the message: integrated graphics are not the way to go. It’s great for standard computing, but for those who wanted to play games or run some more graphically intense apps … the macbook is finally up for the challenge. The macbook pro has the same chip plus a monster of a chip for when you want to do some serious intense graphical computing, this last one does however shorten you battery life by an hour when you’re on the go, so you might want to switch back to the standard chip when you don’t need it.
  • Backlit keyboard: useful, but most of all geeky ! Now the high-end macbook also ships with a backlit keyboard.
  • Green: I don’t care what Greenpeace says, Apple is doing a lot for the environment with it’s latest notebooks, so much that they got the EPEAT gold label for it.
In between (some will like it, some will hate it with a passion)
  • Glass display: it makes your colours pop, but the glare might spoil it for some of you.
The con’s:
  • Firewire: where the hell has the firewire 400 gone on the macbook? I can’t get over this. Apple is probably trying to set a new standard, but for years they have called it the most reliable connection and a whole lot of external HD’s and DV-camcorder work via firewire … not cool, Steve ! I’m under the impression that besides that monster of a video-chip, the firewire 800 port is one of the distinctions between macbook and macbook pro.
  • Price: the macbook had gotten really affordable and now that the price has gone up 300 dollars from 999 to 1299, I think the rate of switchers is going to go down. I know, the plastic white one is still available at 949, but I don’t think they’ll be producing them much longer.

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One response to “A solid, green multimedia machine”

  1. Gert-Jan says :

    Ik vind het ook spijtig dat ze de lijn volledig doortrekken. Imac, MacBook, MacBook Pro en ook de nieuwe cinema displays zien er allemaal het zelfde uit… Gebrek aan creativiteit lijkt mij…

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