RIM makes a bold move

RIM is slowly launching it’s latest and greatest model, the 9000 aka bold, throughout the world. After having a closer look at the OS in online video’s and holding a dummy these are my first impressions.

  • form factor: the bold has the classic form factor you’ve come to expect from a blackberry. A nice and crisp widescreen display and a full-on keyboard. It’s a bit thicker than the 8800 series but packs way more features. I personally love the “leather” backplate, nice move from RIM and gives it just that bit more cachet. Currently using an 8707v, I’m used to a “clunkier” device but I can imagine some people disliking the 9000’s dimensions.
  • features: as with every blackberry, the bold comes with RIM’s awesome Internet Services providing what I still find to be the best mobile (PUSH) e-mail solution out there.
  • OS: from what I’ve seen it looks like OS 4.6 is a big improvement from 4.3. The desktop and applications look very nice in that blackberry/business way.
  • media features: the bold is, however, more than a business phone. Like with the curve and pearl, the 9000 packs a 2megapixel camera and has an audio/video player. RIM also offers a free app on it’s website that allows you to sync your blackberry with iTunes. The memory can (for now) be expanded up to 16 gb of microSD and supports bluetooth stereo headphones (one of the features I’m most keen to try out).
  • browser: since the launch of the iPhone, standards for a mobile browers have literally sky-rocketed. It looks like RIM has greatly improved the browsing experience. This does, however, ask for a test run. more to come when get my hands on one.
  • wifi: in a country like Belgium (ie with horrible data limits) having wifi on a smartphone is a serious plus for when you need to download large attachments etc …

Overall the bold is a nice and solid smartphone that won’t let it’s owner down. In the past week images of RIM’s latest project “storm”, featuring a touchscreen, leaked and they have me wondering if the bold is going to be one of the company’s last tack-tile smartphones.


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3 responses to “RIM makes a bold move”

  1. Gert-Jan says :

    Looking foreward to this new phone. One of the things that kept me from buying a blackberry was the way it’s OS looked.
    Looks like that changed now. 🙂 Touchscreen would be cool.

  2. David B. says :

    I just got this phone 2 week ago and its da best I ever had

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