What the iPhone still lacks …

I got to thinking which features I would still like to be added to the iPhone.

  • Stereo bluetooth headphones with a built-in mic: being able to wirelessly listen to your music and answer calls without losing a beat is a must ! That way you would be able to control your phone while making a call without the clutter of dangling cables.
  • Video recording: 3rd party software has proven that it’s possible
  • Bluetooth data transfer: the ability to send pictures and movie clips to other people’s cell phone. It’s a basic function that is standard to all bluetooth-equipped phones.
  • SMS on your mac: a great fuction in Tiger’s adress book was the ability to send text messages from your mac’s screen over bluetooth. This has been removed from Leopard’s version of the application. Why not have to the ability to have SMS texts pop up like iChat conversations when your iPhone is docked.
  • Wifi sync: have your podcasts automatically updated from the second you connect to your home network.

My question to you = which functions do you think the iPhone is still lacking ?


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One response to “What the iPhone still lacks …”

  1. Robert says :

    An FM-transmitter!

    So I could listen to my music on every nearby available radio.

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