It’s finally here …

The 3G iPhone was finally launched at WWDC yesterday. Just some quick thoughts.

  • design: I think the plastic backplate will be way better than the metal one of the first generation. I think it will feel “sturdier” or should I say “less likely to fall”. Adding the white version is a good move knowing there’s a demand for it … mostly by women.
  • data: 3G is, of course, the way of the future. It will allow us to acces all the data/media we want wherever we want it. I like how the speeds are close to those of wifi, but I’ll have to see that in practice before I believe it, I don’t have that experience when using my 3G USB modem.
  • battery: the battery has gotten a nice boost, which is always welcome. I have to recharge my 1st generation iPhone approximately every 2 days, which is pretty ok knowing that I use EDGE, listen to a lot of music and podcasts, am constantly twittering or poking the misses and enable wifi when I’m home.
  • GPS: love it ! Great way to find your way around town on foot.
  • Mobile Me: PUSH for the rest of us, who doesn’t like that. It all sounds promising and the web application looks great, but again, I need to see it in action before I make my final judgement.

As I said, these are just some quick thoughts, I will probably get into more detail if I’m able to obtain one while I’m in NYC. I’m definitely upgrading though, due to the fact that I will be able to buy a new iPhone for the price of a new LCD+digitizer.

BTW check out this fun ad apple has to promote the iPhone 3G.

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