My first mac …

Based on the fact that I am pratically obsessed with macs, a lot of people think that I’ve never used anything but a mac. That is, however, not true at all and today I would like to tell you about the first mac I ever bought: the 17″ iMac 1,8 ghz G5.

The clean-up (after)

shot back in 2006 having my macbook, I eventually didn’t see any more for my iMac, but I’m proud to say he’ll be brought back soon

A definitive design

Ever since the launch of the G5 iMac in 2005, little has changed in it’s appearance. Ok, they did become a bit thinner, gain a camera (although there was a G5 with iSight, it lasted a little over 3 months) and has gone from white to black and silver, but the basis is the same. The concept of the design was to have an iMac that went nicely with your 3rd generation iPod, I kid you not. I remember seeing this ad that featured the Black Eyed Peyes in which you, when iPod and iMac were in a shot together, could definitely see the similarities in their design.

Another great design by Jonathan Ive.

Your digital life

The main focus with the iMac was iLife ’05, the second version of Apple’ s consumer digital media suite. It was the first time that such a complete suite for handling your digital media was shipped with a mac, let alone a computer.

It was on this iMac for example that I imported and edited all the video for my high school 100 days show, a professional 4 hour show with movies, music and performance I worked on in my last year of high school.

The long road there

Now this was back in 2006, when I bought it, and macs were a bit pricier than they are now. I remember payin 1470 euro for a 17″ 1.8gh with the RAM upgraded from 512mb to 1 gig. It took me a while to collect the money, but when I did, I as the happiest dude in town.

The end of a generation

The imac G5 was one of the last macs that used the PowerPC processors that were manufactured by IBM/Motorola. Apple used thesed chips from 1994 till 2006.

For the moment, I haven’t got my iMac G5 set up anymore but I’m planning to get it back out again, put leopard on it and used for those times that I don’t feel like working on my macbook’s teeny 13″ screen. It’s not a screamer like the latest intel models, but it sure get’s the job done.

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3 responses to “My first mac …”

  1. Mike says :

    I’ve worked on Macs well before the arrival of Johnathan Ive 😉 Back in ’92, Macs were hideous but reliable creatures 😉

  2. spekvriend says :

    @Mike: you’re so right.

    My first Macintosh Classic never had problems booting from the prehistoric OS 6.2. And it was solid as a rock. Loved it.

  3. applefanbe says :

    Don’t get me wrong, you guys, I know my classic macs. I’ve read up on Apple’s history and have a collection of 16 vintage macs that range from Apple IIc’s to macintoshes to a power mac G4.

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