The “fruity” energizer.

Nalu (Hawaïan word for “wave”) is an energy drink produced by the Coca Cola Company. It is based off of fruits and green coffee beans, has added vitamins and is low on calories.

In short: I love it ! It tastes good and caffinates me without the coffee-breath. But there is one thing: their distribution sucks ! Whenever I’m craving a nalu it is extremely hard to find a store that sells it, let alone has it on stock. Another downside is the extreme price-difference. In the past month I’ve bought Nalu at prices that varied from 80 cents to 1 euro 50.

But what really shocked me today was to see a Nalu branded machine that charged as much as 2 euro for a 25cl can, the same price you pay for a 50cl bottle of coke !

WTF ?!


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