Life on the go …

“Do you know you spent almost 1/3 of your day on the train ?”, said the pretty lady as I was staring into her eyes. She might have a point there … To get you guys up to speed: I have a daily commute of approximately 1 hour to Antwerp and 1 hour back to Mechelen (of which I spend 25 minutes on the train, 10 minutes on the subway and the remaining 25 minutes walking.) I don’t have my driver’s license yet, but am working on it.

I enjoy being on the train, it’s a (most of the time) relaxing environment where I like to do such things as:

  • summarizing classes or just doing some random studying
  • reading a book
  • reading my feeds or e-mail using a 3G modem
  • listening to podcasts

And all of that while the scenery flashes by the window. Trains can even inspire more artistic activities, like this picture I shot last year, funny thing is that the guy across from me was making sketches of people that were sitting on the other side of the car.

It is I ... Plaquet

The point I’m trying to make it that I don’t get why a lot of people sh*t on public transport all the time and refuse to take it. The train is the ultimate place to have some time for yourself, relax, get things done … all while still moving forward during your ever so busy day.


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3 responses to “Life on the go …”

  1. Matthias says :

    * overcrowded trains
    * smelly, sweating people
    * smelly, uncleaned rubbishbins with plastic bottles protuding
    * small children
    * noisy seniors
    * iPod’s with the latest jump/trance/… tuned to max volume
    * taking a train at 7 a.m. and hoping to get home around 7 p.m. everyday
    * old traincars that are in desperate need of refurbishing
    * …

    Well, don’t get me wrong. There are moments when I really enjoy to travel with the train. Beats cartraffic anytime. But then again, if you *have* to do it every day 200/365, one can get quite irritated nonetheless.

  2. janhenckens says :

    I’m totally with you Gil. I do the same between Leuven & Mechelen: 5 minutes on the bus to the station, 30 minutes on the train, 10 minutes on the bus to work. And that in reverse in the evening. I don’t mind, one can get some work done and stuff like that. Or take a nape, as I mostly do 🙂

  3. Gert-Jan says :

    I love waiting for a train in the Antwerp-Central station…

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