I lost my heart …

… mostly to the pretty lady who joined me, but also to the beautiful city of Lisbon. As we left the city on monday, it was 20 degrees out and we were walking under a clear blue sky. Arriving at Brussels, we were welcomed by ye old Belgian gray clouds and their inevitable rain.

Elevator tram

But there’s way more to Portugal’s capital than the weather. The food, the architecture, the beer (and this is coming from a Belgian beer snob, mind you) and just the overall atmosphere. Top 5 five things to see in Lisbon according to me are:

  1. The “steampunk” elevator that connects the city center with the “Bairro Alto”.
  2. The Expo ’98 grounds (the mascotte was named Gil, don’t believe me ? )
  3. Bélèm (Tower, National Palace, Botanical gardens, Monastery (but mind the flocks of tourists) and pastries !)
  4. Bairro Alto and it’s many shops, bars and restaurants.
  5. Trams

I’m uploading the pictures of our trip by a few a day, click here to check ou the the flickr-set.


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