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simplify media

Simplify Media is an awesome discovery of mine. It’s a service that’s available for mac, pc, linux, iphone and ipod touch and allows you to share your music library with your friends and discover theirs. In iTunes, it works the same way as if you would share libraries on a local network, only with Simplify Media the computers can be on the other side of the world, because you’re sharing it over the internet.

The service supports iTunes, Winamp AND linux players, AAC ,WMA ,MP3 , etc. I particulary like the iPhone interface, it’s a native app that allows you to browse your music (handy if all your music doesn’t fit on your iPhone) and that of your friends from anywhere where there’s wifi. The iPhone version also gives you information on the artist, the lyrics and there’s a convenient link to the iTunes music store to buy that newly discovered song and download it straight to your phone.

If you’re as fond of music as I am … you’ll love it.

My username is applefanbe if you care to share.


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One response to “Connect your music”

  1. Gert-Jan says :

    Too bad our bandwidth is limited :(.

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