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Life on the go …

“Do you know you spent almost 1/3 of your day on the train ?”, said the pretty lady as I was staring into her eyes. She might have a point there … To get you guys up to speed: I have a daily commute of approximately 1 hour to Antwerp and 1 hour back to Mechelen (of which I spend 25 minutes on the train, 10 minutes on the subway and the remaining 25 minutes walking.) I don’t have my driver’s license yet, but am working on it.

I enjoy being on the train, it’s a (most of the time) relaxing environment where I like to do such things as:

  • summarizing classes or just doing some random studying
  • reading a book
  • reading my feeds or e-mail using a 3G modem
  • listening to podcasts

And all of that while the scenery flashes by the window. Trains can even inspire more artistic activities, like this picture I shot last year, funny thing is that the guy across from me was making sketches of people that were sitting on the other side of the car.

It is I ... Plaquet

The point I’m trying to make it that I don’t get why a lot of people sh*t on public transport all the time and refuse to take it. The train is the ultimate place to have some time for yourself, relax, get things done … all while still moving forward during your ever so busy day.

Portugese jongen

De laatste week heb ik niet al te veel foto’s genomen, maar wou deze van een portugees jongetje aan de expogronden in Lissabon toch nog met jullie delen.

Stamp Media kicks off (and ass)

Stamp (flemish for “kick”) Media is a youth press agency I blogged about not that long ago. It’s goal is to give young people who are interested in journalism a chance to get their work published.

Stamp wants to make a difference by:

  • bringing news from the Antwerp region
  • give the youth’s perspective on news
  • making news with respect for diversity

Stamp is still looking for enthousiastic, young reporters. Think it’s just your cup of tea ? Head over to the site and get yourself enrolled in the great workshops the organisation offers to new members of which I myself attended the one on photography. Here’s part of the result:

Jongeren Media Agentschap - Borgerhout

Our group head out to Borgerhout, a part of Antwerp where there’s a large immigrant population to give a different view on the neughbourhood’s otherwise negative image.

In short, Stamp is a press agency that wants to make a difference by giving youth of all origines the chance to have their opinion heard.

Rock out without the wires.


Per chipchick

The newest generation of bluetooth headphones is getting more and more affordable, but not every device supports A2DP for audio streaming, let alone has bluetooth built in. But there’s good news: Jabra’s A120s, a cheap and easy solution to turn any audio device you want (as long as it has ye old standard audio jack) into a bluetooth enabled player. At $29, it sure worth taking a look at if you want to rock out sans wires.

Break on through …

Dit zicht in een van de straten van Bélèm bracht spontaan Morisson en Manzareck in mn hoofd.

I lost my heart …

… mostly to the pretty lady who joined me, but also to the beautiful city of Lisbon. As we left the city on monday, it was 20 degrees out and we were walking under a clear blue sky. Arriving at Brussels, we were welcomed by ye old Belgian gray clouds and their inevitable rain.

Elevator tram

But there’s way more to Portugal’s capital than the weather. The food, the architecture, the beer (and this is coming from a Belgian beer snob, mind you) and just the overall atmosphere. Top 5 five things to see in Lisbon according to me are:

  1. The “steampunk” elevator that connects the city center with the “Bairro Alto”.
  2. The Expo ’98 grounds (the mascotte was named Gil, don’t believe me ? )
  3. Bélèm (Tower, National Palace, Botanical gardens, Monastery (but mind the flocks of tourists) and pastries !)
  4. Bairro Alto and it’s many shops, bars and restaurants.
  5. Trams

I’m uploading the pictures of our trip by a few a day, click here to check ou the the flickr-set.

Estação Oriente, Lissabon

Net terug van een fantastisch weekendje Lissabon met de misses. Lissabon heeft ongetwijfeld een enorme indruk op me me gemaakt. Het weer, de architectuur, het eten … een ware aanrader.