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Traveller of the night



Vedett sponsorde de 4e editie van Brussels Girl Geek Dinner @ Netlash HQ


Barcamp Ghent 2008

Coming to you live from Barcamp Gent 2008. Barcamp is a “geeky” event at which everybody has to put in their two cents, be it serving coffee, doing a presentation, taking pictures or shooting some video.

A whole day of geeky fun, together with the misses, can’t ask for more now can I ?
For the official Flickr-group, take a look over at

Barcamp Gent 2008

Live vanop Barcamp Gent 2008. Sart68 ontdekt de Pleo.


Afgelopen woensdag had ik het genoegen deel te nemen aan een van de workshops van het Jongeren Media Agentschap Stamp in Jeugdcentrum Trix in Borgerhout.

Neem voor de hele fotoset hier een kijkje.

Never forget another thing …

Something cool I discovered in my feeds last week: Evernote is a
service that allows you to store lots of information in various ways.
Probably the coolest feature is how you can take a picture of let’s say
a post-it note with groceries on it and call that sticky back later
when you search one of the words on it. The way this works is that the
serice syncs all your notes with Evernote’s servers and allows you to
query the contents later.

Because the desktop client is always uploading/syncing with the
services servers, Evernote also includes a web client whoch allowes you
to search your notes from any computer, from any brower.

Evernote is still in closed beta but you can apply for an account over at

Flickr Meetup Leiden

On the 15th of march my friend Eelco, aka Smiling Da Vinci, organised the Leiden Flickr Meetup at the Naturalis museum.
I had a blast ! Thanks Co !