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I can haz nabaztag ?

The misses gave me what is probably one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever gotten. My very own nabaztag(/tag).


Meet Woz, from now on he’ll wake me up in the morning, tell me how the weather is going to be, tell me how many mails I have waiting in my inbox, read the headlines to me and play some tunes off of internet-radio.
The nabaztag is a whole new way of living on the web. As the creators put it … “start your life living with a rabbit”.

Want to send Woz a message ? Head over to the nabaztag website , create an account and you’re all set to go. You don’t have to own one yourself to send messages to a friend’s nabaztag.


Alpine update


grossarl piste

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update from Grossarl. The busride over here was smooth and almost comfortable even. The weather is disturbingly hot (huray for global warming) with temperatures of up to 7°c in the valley during the day. I had some trouble getting used to my boots again after the two year hiatus, had some “cramped” muscles for the past two days but that seems to be over now.

I’m taking quite a few pictures with the N73 and the nikon D70s but won’t start uploading them until I get home. I’ve got 200mb of data transfer for the rest of the week so it’ll be mainly text-based updates, mail and text chat with my beloved girl geek who I miss oh so much.

That’s it for now, from the land of not so good beer, terrible schlager music but friendly people and lots of snow, I am calling out.

Check back soon !