I can has tea ?


Per Gizmodo
A screening of “The Queen” for the hard-hearing organised by the Ryde Council in Australia instantly turned this ’07 drama into a comedy classic. For example, according to the subtitles, the monarch’s husband said that “people all removed their heads” when they had passed by, really having said that “they removed their hats”. Also, the Queen doesn’t seem to live in Buckingham Palace anymore, rather “Bucking in Paris” (turns on a porn-tune in my head) is now the centre of her power.

When questioned about the origines of the DVD, the council stated that the original DVD, provided by the distributor, had “captioning problems” and another copy was provived so that the hard-hearing audience could still enjoy their movie-night.


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One response to “I can has tea ?”

  1. theurbindirt says :

    This made me laugh! the amount of times we have watched TV or DVDs with hilarious captioning mistakes are uncountable. Nice to see one so clearly captured. I can has tea? Yes your majesty! You can has tea!

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