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When your webcam breaks …


per via bnox (thnx !)

My comment: point taken … but I’d rather part with my computer for two weeks than have a messy desk all the time. And by the way … who breaks a freaking webcam ?

There’s being an applefan …

And there’s just being plain sick …

Credits go to Bnox … pointing it out on twitter and I quote:

Oh my god. My eyes! My EYES! “

Per HetGroteOngenoegen


How to make a potato gun


is one of the frequent guests on Keith And The Girl. He talks about the weirdest shit but always cracks me up nevertheless. He has talked about a potato gun a few times before, but I noticed he now posted a sketch of how to make it on one of the shows?

click here to see a video on how to make a spud canon.

click here to see one in action.

I can has tea ?


Per Gizmodo
A screening of “The Queen” for the hard-hearing organised by the Ryde Council in Australia instantly turned this ’07 drama into a comedy classic. For example, according to the subtitles, the monarch’s husband said that “people all removed their heads” when they had passed by, really having said that “they removed their hats”. Also, the Queen doesn’t seem to live in Buckingham Palace anymore, rather “Bucking in Paris” (turns on a porn-tune in my head) is now the centre of her power.

When questioned about the origines of the DVD, the council stated that the original DVD, provided by the distributor, had “captioning problems” and another copy was provived so that the hard-hearing audience could still enjoy their movie-night.

Polaroid picture frame


Now that polaroid announced that it is abandoning the instant film technology it pioneered and people are stocking up on the precious cartridges, it is getting clear that a lot of people, including me, are still big fans of the photography classic.

This article on gizmodo shows that the polaroid CAN survive in the modern age of megapixels. Even though it is still a concept, I think this digital frame would be a big hit once released. There are dozens of models out there but only few are as stylish and original as this one.

My main problem with digital frames is that landscape and portrait pictures can’t be shown in the same resolution, unless you would turn the frame. A square-shaped frame would obviously solve this practical problem.

Some other fun polaroid links:

Brussels Girl Geek Dinner #3: Smart companions

Girl Geek Dinner 3 5

This Wednesday, I turned into ye good old “talking handbag” (quiet, decorative yet handy with tech AND a place to put your keys) and joined the misses to what was to be the third edition of the Brussels Girl Geek Dinners (based on an idea by Sarah Blow, organised by my beloved girl geek).

The subject of the evening: Smart Companions. Accompanied by Nabaztags, a Pleo, an Aibo and last but certainly not least a flipbot, 40 girls made it to One Agency’s headquarters to attend a presentation by Melanie Chamaah from Kysoh, a Belgian company makes the Tux Droid, on smart companions and more particularly the Tux Droid.

Afterwards there even was a Nabaztag-marriage and One Agency, thanks to BMI, gave away 2 round trip tickets to London. And to top it all off the girls didn’t leave empty-handed: they all got a bag full of girly goodies.

Click here to see all pictures


Ever since I discovered the “I can has cheeseburger” blog last year, It has put a smile on my face every time I check my feeds. For those of you not in the knowing: I can has cheeseburger provides pictures of so called “lolcats”. What this basicly means is that people upload funny pictures of their cat and provide witty captions. But today was a special day in Lolcatcatland: a first, Jon proposed to Loretta on the blog early this morning. Click here for the full story.