The WiFi Wabbit

Be it a more recent discovery of mine, the nabaztag and the updated nabaztag/tag is probably one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen lately. What it basicly comes down to is a rabbit that connects to the internet over your WiFi connection and is able to perform a wide variety of actions. For example:

  • It can read your incoming mail
  • It can read headlines
  • It can function as a talking clock
  • It can read out typed messages from your friends
  • It can play mp3’s your friends upload to it
  • It can read your rss feeds

The only thing it can’t do, is take over the world … yet. And here’s why:  configurating the thing. If you know what your doing, it’s a piece of cake, but for your average consumer the set-up might seem very difficult and/or confusing.

To set up your nabaztag(/tag) you need to connect to it by putting it in “ad-hoc mode”, connect to the it’s WiFi-signal, go to ,which will bring up a very bare-bone, router-like set-up page.  Again, if you know what you’re dealing with it’s a piece of cake, but I think this product has way more potential

If set-up were to be done over USB for example with a nice clean wizard, you’re not so geeky John Doe might actually consider buying it either for him or his kid; because, let’s face it, the thing looks like a toy (but I would soooo love to have one). 

All and all this interactive WiFi-rabbit really is a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing it evolve over the coming years.   


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3 responses to “The WiFi Wabbit”

  1. Shawno says :

    We got a Nabaztag/tag for Christmas. You’re right about the setup process. That could definitely use some improving. I’ve also found that the rabbit’s not always consistent with the RSS feeds we’ve subscribed to. Sometimes, it misses updates. But I’m sure the system will only improve over time. We’re going to use it to read e-mails during live recordings of our podcast. Should be fun!

  2. Gert-Jan says :

    I’ve read that there also is an alarm clock inside that rabbit. Sure would be cool if it could play music stored on your itunes to wake you up. If you know a place where to buy it in Antwerp let me know he Gil. (if it’s not to expensive :p)

  3. applefanbe says :

    @ Gert Jan … The clock isn’t internal, it’s all done from the Violet servers, on which you program your bunny. I know that Gizmode sells them (near my school). A Nabaztag is around 99 euros and a Nabaztag/tag around 139 euros.

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