The "macbook mini” ?


The rumor of an apple “sub-notebook” has been floating around the internet for quite a while now. Here are my thoughts:

  • portable: it would me the ultimate replacement for what is still considered to be one of the best apple laptops out there: 12″ PowerBook G4/1.5 GHz, small yet oh so powerful. An iPhone is great for on the go, but it still isn’t the full laptop-experience. How cool would it be to have a powerful laptop in your bag that is ultra-thin and about the size of a comfortable keyboard (ie the new apple wireless keyboard).
  • durable: I don’t think it’ll be long before apple says goodbye to ye’ olde hard drive and embraces the new solid state counterpart
  • everything on board: built-in iSight, magsafe power-adapter, full keyboard and comfortable trackpad … the works … no cutting corners
  • tablet ?: even though I’m not really all that for the “tablet-concept”, I do think it would be pretty cool to be able to fold up the screen and use it as a “big-size iPhone”

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2 responses to “The "macbook mini” ?”

  1. (db) says :

    As my perfectly good 12″ PB died last month, I’m also very looking fwd …

  2. Gert-Jan says :

    In my opinion a laptop is for “medium heavy duty”. The screen is just too small to do something powerfull like rendering, playing games, doing some photoshop, etc. And now they’re making it even smaller and more powerfull, not sure if making it smaller is that much better… and I hope it’s not the next phase. The macbook is small enough…

    Tablet-concept: yeah that would be pretty cool :p. But then again I doubt if it’s handy for writing, surfing the web, playing games, playing music, etc.

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