Flock … you rock !


I’ve been keeping an eye on Flock a.k.a “The Social Browser” for almost a year now and I must say I am very pleased with the progress they’ve made. I like the latest version (1.0 at last !) so much that decided to throw safari out of my dock and do everything in Flock from now on. Why ?

  • Flock has an integrated feed reader that when opened shows all your subscriptions on the left and the amount of new articles. You can even select an article you want to blog about and click “blog” and Flock will create a new post.
  • The integrated webclipboard allows you to put aside certain links, pictures or even parts of a text you want to use in blogpostings.
  • The media bar allows you scroll through your media on flickr/photobucket/youtube … you name it ! Just drag it from this bar into a comment, blogpost and presto ! You can even combine this with the contacts bar and drag pictures onto your flickr/youtube/facebook/twitter contact to share said media with them.
  • Flock automatically recognizes services like wordpress and integrates it into your browser so you can blog from the brower’s blogging-interface.

The list goes on and on and it’s hard to describe all of the features but one thing is for sure: if you spend most of your time reading feeds, posting on flickr, blogging, facebook … you might want to check out this kick-ass browser.

Free for mac, linux and windows

Blogged with Flock

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One response to “Flock … you rock !”

  1. florisla says :

    Thanks for the tip, I’ve always said I’d return to Flock when 1.0 came out, but somehow I’ve missed that release.

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