A night in Black & White

The Hives have been part of my music library for a while now. I love how their songs can just pop up when you’re walking the streets, possibly having a bad day, and you just can’t help picking up the pace and shouting along with them.So, 2 months ago, when I noticed the Hives were passing through Brussels, I bought a ticket to their AB (Ancienne Belgique) gig on the 2nd of december, on an impulse really. It turned out pretty darn good, I wasn’t that familiar with their latest album, but no worries, because they played a nice amount of songs off of their previous records.

Though it was not announced there were two bands to support them, first off “Quit Your Dayjob”, a freaky Swedish band with a blonde version of Jack Black on guitar, your typical blonde long-haired Swedish dude on the drums and what appears to be the Swedish equivalent of Borat on synths (check out this video and you’ll get my point). With songs like “Sperms Are Germs” and “We’ve got a problem with Sweden” these guys were a nice starter to get things going.Next up, Dan Sartain from Birmingham, Alabama. His act had a real 50’s kind of feel to it. The hair, the retro mic, the retro-looking guitar. It had a very nice sound to it and was definitely a bit more serious than the preceding band.YouTube – Dan Sartain Flight Of The Finch

Now on to what we came for … The Hives. A swedish band that is known for songs like Walk Idiot Walk, Hate To Say I Told You So,Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones and recently Tick Tick Boom from the album they are promoting with this tour “The Black and White Album” referring to the black and white costume-style they have adopted over the years. Make sure you also check out some of their earlier work, which has a more “punk” feel to it AKA I-D-I-O-T.In short, the gig was amazing, people of all ages were jumping, shouting and having a great time.

Here’s an overview of the setlist:

-Stroll down hives corridors
– Bigger hole to fill

– Declare guerre nucléaire
– A little more for little you
– Walk idiot walk

– You got it all

– Try it again

– Die, all right

– Hate to say I told you so
– Here we go again
– It won’t be long
– No pun intended
– Diabolic scheme
– You dress up for Armageddon

– Two-timing touch and broken bones

– Tick tick boom


– Supply & demand
– T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S
– Main offender
– Return the favour

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One response to “A night in Black & White”

  1. Markec says :

    Cool review! Sounds like you had a blast!
    Never was much into The Hives, not really 100% my thing. but I reckon they are pretty good in performing live …

    Good on you!

    Love your review….
    Did you manage to make som more pics?



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