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Happy holidays from applefanbe

Just a quick post to wish you guys happy holidays and a mactastic 2008

In 2008 …

– people at one point will finally stop asking me “do you know when the iPhone comes out ?”
– apple might launch a sub-notebook
– apple will launch the 3G iPhone
– yours truly will spend the whole year with a special lady
– yours truly will keep up jogging
– yours truly won’t drop his iPhone anymore

… and that’s it for resolutions. Have a great time with family and friends and I’ll see you guys in the new year.

Kind regards

Gil a.k.a. applefanbe

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The "macbook mini” ?


The rumor of an apple “sub-notebook” has been floating around the internet for quite a while now. Here are my thoughts:

  • portable: it would me the ultimate replacement for what is still considered to be one of the best apple laptops out there: 12″ PowerBook G4/1.5 GHz, small yet oh so powerful. An iPhone is great for on the go, but it still isn’t the full laptop-experience. How cool would it be to have a powerful laptop in your bag that is ultra-thin and about the size of a comfortable keyboard (ie the new apple wireless keyboard).
  • durable: I don’t think it’ll be long before apple says goodbye to ye’ olde hard drive and embraces the new solid state counterpart
  • everything on board: built-in iSight, magsafe power-adapter, full keyboard and comfortable trackpad … the works … no cutting corners
  • tablet ?: even though I’m not really all that for the “tablet-concept”, I do think it would be pretty cool to be able to fold up the screen and use it as a “big-size iPhone”

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London round-up

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts on my trip to London with you guys.

  • “mind the gap”: this subway-system rocks ! Has a really nice “user interface”, has good service and is just easy to use. One downside is that it can get pretty darn crowded in the more compact “mole-trains”.
  • fish, chips and a cup’o’tea: food wasn’t as bad as I expected, I’ve always loved the English Breakfast so the mornings were a real treat. Lot’s of fast food, though, ranging from McDonalds and Burger King to greasy Curry and other Indian treats. And another thing: the English barely touch their food! At breakfast (not just tourists, also locals) people came back with heaps of horrid or just plain wrong food-combinations from which they proceeded to only eat 3 bites and then left it all to be thrown in the bin … ridiculous !
  • Skaramoosh, skaramoosh, will you do the fandango ?: I saw an awesome musical at the Dominion Theatre: “We will rock you”. It’s about how in the year 2500 all music on the planet is made by computers and dictated by the “Killer Queen” from the “Globalsoft” company. Wouldn’t want to spoil it for you … but just make sure you go see it if you’re passing through London.

More to come …

Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup ‘o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins… LONDON.

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I’m all set to head out to London tomorrow. It’s going to be my first visit to the UK *cheerio, tiddlepip, spitspot, Albert Hall …* my mom has the whole weekend planned out, like she did 2 years ago in Amsterdam, I’m really looking forward to it. The macbook is coming along, like … duh, so you might see some short blurbs and pictures pop up over the weekend.

See you later lads and lassies

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Flock … you rock !


I’ve been keeping an eye on Flock a.k.a “The Social Browser” for almost a year now and I must say I am very pleased with the progress they’ve made. I like the latest version (1.0 at last !) so much that decided to throw safari out of my dock and do everything in Flock from now on. Why ?

  • Flock has an integrated feed reader that when opened shows all your subscriptions on the left and the amount of new articles. You can even select an article you want to blog about and click “blog” and Flock will create a new post.
  • The integrated webclipboard allows you to put aside certain links, pictures or even parts of a text you want to use in blogpostings.
  • The media bar allows you scroll through your media on flickr/photobucket/youtube … you name it ! Just drag it from this bar into a comment, blogpost and presto ! You can even combine this with the contacts bar and drag pictures onto your flickr/youtube/facebook/twitter contact to share said media with them.
  • Flock automatically recognizes services like wordpress and integrates it into your browser so you can blog from the brower’s blogging-interface.

The list goes on and on and it’s hard to describe all of the features but one thing is for sure: if you spend most of your time reading feeds, posting on flickr, blogging, facebook … you might want to check out this kick-ass browser.

Free for mac, linux and windows

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A night in Black & White

The Hives have been part of my music library for a while now. I love how their songs can just pop up when you’re walking the streets, possibly having a bad day, and you just can’t help picking up the pace and shouting along with them.So, 2 months ago, when I noticed the Hives were passing through Brussels, I bought a ticket to their AB (Ancienne Belgique) gig on the 2nd of december, on an impulse really. It turned out pretty darn good, I wasn’t that familiar with their latest album, but no worries, because they played a nice amount of songs off of their previous records.

Though it was not announced there were two bands to support them, first off “Quit Your Dayjob”, a freaky Swedish band with a blonde version of Jack Black on guitar, your typical blonde long-haired Swedish dude on the drums and what appears to be the Swedish equivalent of Borat on synths (check out this video and you’ll get my point). With songs like “Sperms Are Germs” and “We’ve got a problem with Sweden” these guys were a nice starter to get things going.Next up, Dan Sartain from Birmingham, Alabama. His act had a real 50’s kind of feel to it. The hair, the retro mic, the retro-looking guitar. It had a very nice sound to it and was definitely a bit more serious than the preceding band.YouTube – Dan Sartain Flight Of The Finch

Now on to what we came for … The Hives. A swedish band that is known for songs like Walk Idiot Walk, Hate To Say I Told You So,Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones and recently Tick Tick Boom from the album they are promoting with this tour “The Black and White Album” referring to the black and white costume-style they have adopted over the years. Make sure you also check out some of their earlier work, which has a more “punk” feel to it AKA I-D-I-O-T.In short, the gig was amazing, people of all ages were jumping, shouting and having a great time.

Here’s an overview of the setlist:

-Stroll down hives corridors
– Bigger hole to fill

– Declare guerre nucléaire
– A little more for little you
– Walk idiot walk

– You got it all

– Try it again

– Die, all right

– Hate to say I told you so
– Here we go again
– It won’t be long
– No pun intended
– Diabolic scheme
– You dress up for Armageddon

– Two-timing touch and broken bones

– Tick tick boom


– Supply & demand
– T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S
– Main offender
– Return the favour

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