When geeks die a little on the inside …

Aaaaargh …. you’ve got to be kidding me !, originally uploaded by ApplefanBE.

Having been obsessed with my cool little iPhone the past few weeks I guess it was bound to happen. When exiting the car (with the phone in a pouch in hand). I tripped over a safety belt (I didn’t fall) which sent my iPhone into it’s very own leap of faith.

*cue dramatical music* Noooooooooooooo ! *crack*

As you can see the large glass screen on the iPhone isn’t parking-lot or pavement-proof. Apple doesn’t repair it under warranty and charges a whopping $ 250 for repair (which is to be understood in some way … it is caused by being clumsy and the screen is the most expensive part on the phone). Still, the part is worth around 100 bucks (glass digitizer + LCD, which are glued together) so why does Apple have to charge so much extra ? Oh well. I’m probably going to buy an OEM part of the web and replace it myself (which will be quite a doozy). Let’s just hope it all works out …. and for all you fellow geeks with iPhones out there … wrap it good !


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One response to “When geeks die a little on the inside …”

  1. Clo Willaerts says :

    I feel your pain. Good luck with the operation.

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