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I was watching Flogging Molly live at the London Mean Fiddler when I realized:


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Trulycross-Atlantic, these LA based Irish American Celtic punks brought a true partywith their mix of traditional and modern instruments

“New York is … the safest big city in the world”


In “the brave one” the beautiful and magnificent Jodie Foster plays Erica Bain, an NYC radio-host with a passion for her city. Bain records everyday sounds in all parts of the big apple and plays them for her audience accompanied by anecdotes of NYC’s history. Bain and her fiancee are about to get married, but during a romantic evening-walk through central park disaster strikes and Bain changes into what she calls “the other person that had always lived in her but which she had never known about”. Erica becomes a victim of fear, something she thought only happened to weaker people. Getting no help from the authorities, she buys a gun and takes matters into her own hands.

“The brave one” is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Jodie Foster was, is and will always remain a fantastic actress, New York is a great setting for this type of movies and I just love the “urban” feel you get from viewing movies like this. I’m not quite sure if this movie is giving NYC the credit it deserves. For years and years it has been depicted in almost every single movie as a dangerous, asocial town you better avoid if you don’t really have to be there. Having been to this glorious city for the first time only a bit over a month ago, I know better. I’ve never felt as much at home as I did in NYC. I ignored stoplights, got irritated over people wearing “I (l) NY” shirts (I don’t like tourists, even though I always am one in some way), and have never met that many friendly people in a city.

Anyway … I’m going of on a tangent here … to keep it short and sweet … this movie is awesome and you should definitely check it out !

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