Nano nano !

I was able to play around with the latest iPod nano at work today and thought I’d share my thoughts with you guys.

  1. Coverflow: looks pretty sweet, even without the big touchscreen. The interface looks exactly the same as the one on the iPhone, only with a white background.
  2. Size: the new nano perfectly fits the palm of your hand and feels very slick. The fact that it’s so wide still gives the impression of carrying a sturdy device instead of a teeny weeny player you’d be affraid to lose/drop.
  3. Metal finishing: love it ! The days of scratching that damn plastic are over !
  4. Colors: like the ones on the shuffle … not that good-looking if you ask me. From a commercial perspective I think that these colors will look less attractive to consumers than the flashy ones of the last generation. But hey, apple must have changed them for a reason, right ? The black one looks pretty sweet though 😉
  5. The new interface: the new split-screen interface looks promising. It adds a new “visual” dimension to browsing your media, just like coverflow does.
  6. Battery-life: almost the same as the iPod touch … pretty good.
  7. Screen: the new widescreen looks gorgeous and crispy clear when watching pictures or movies, I think this is mostly due to it’s small size-factor.
  8. Click wheel: a bit smaller than the last one, I think … but certainly gets the job done.
  9. Backplate: the only flaw in the design to me is the fact that apple decided to put the polished backplate on the new nano after abandoning it when transitioning to the second generation. It scratches easily and I think the nano would have looked even slicker with an aluminum backplate.
  10. Will I buy it ?: my heart is set for an iPod touch, but if I wouldn’t have had that option, I would have definitely gone for the nano. A nice looking player with decent storage and a very sharp price .. apple, I think you’ve done it again !

Thanks for dropping by !



2 responses to “Nano nano !”

  1. Gert-Jan says :

    Ik weet het echt niet… Het ziet er gewoon niet zo denderend uit naar mijn eenvoudige mening. En het is wat je zegt, die kleuren zijn mij ook niet echt “catchy”. De vorige voor de iPod Shuffle vond ik veel aantrekkelijker.
    Gij hebt blijkbaar wel een plezant vakantiejobje achter de rug he :p.

  2. applefanbe says :

    Vakantiejob ? Is mijn vast weekendwerk, man :).

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