The internet at your fingertips …

Due to the anouncement of the iPod touch last wednesday I’d like to share my opinion on this great device that will deliver the net at your fingertips.

  1. Let’s talk price: the touch is very competitively priced, at only $299 and $399 for such an advanced player. Now all you haters stop writing comments and listen to me. I know there are way cheaper players that offer much more storage, line-in recording, an FM radio and all that jazz but do those come with a full-fledged browser and intuitive controls ? I don’t think so. 8gb isn’t enough to fit most music-libraries on (mine does at the moment though, but that’s because I listen to a lot of vinyl records at home), but is that really necessary ? Isn’t it better to have music that fits your current mood on there so that you don’t to skip half of the songs when you’re in shuffle-mode ?
  2. Cover-flow: really nifty way of browsing your music but would you use it all of the time ? It looks pretty and shows of the touch’s capabilities but is far from the easiest way to look for a specific song.
  3. Safari: I love the fact that the safari browser on the touch is the same as the one you use on the mac. Even though it doesn’t support flash (yet !), just the fact that it supports ajax and thus enables you to use all of gmail’s or facebook’s features on the go on a handheld device is pretty neat.
  4. Calendar: I’ve seen some video’s about the app on the iPhone and, even though it looks like it could use some improvements, it should be great to just pop out my iPod and schedule when my next paper has to be handed in. Don’t know if it’ll replace my paper agenda though, I see it more as a back-up for that.
  5. Form-factor: the touch is remarquably thinner than the iPhone, which is quite skinny itself. We’ll have to wait ’til we get our hands on it to judge about that. Second, I live on the net, that’s why I always lug my laptop with me: to be connected. With this, I just have to pop out my iPod and people won’t call me a freak anymore for taking out my laptop everywhere.
  6. No phone: there is no phone in there, that we kow for sure, but is that a bad thing ? Here in Belgium data-plans can add up to quite some money. Let’s just say you’ll have paid for a second iPhone in mere months. That’s why I’m all for an iPod that has the internet communtions built in and let’s you connect over good old (mostly) free wifi.
  7. Wi-fi music store: definitely a reason for me to start buying more music off of iTunes. Imagine browsing the store in waiting for your train, just checking out the latest tunes and you happen to find a gem … you’re just two clicks away from owning it. A great move by apple, they are doing what others tried and failed miserably.
  8. Battery life: it’s pretty darn good, 22 hours of audio and 5 of video. Still built-in but I simply stopped caring about that.
  9. What’s in the box ? Headphones, USB cable, dock adaptor (cheap piece of plastic), stand for watching video, cleaning cloth. As iPods became more popular apple has been includig less and less accessories so that they can be sold seperate afterward. Great for them, a pain for us.
  10. Final thoughs ? To hell with that phone, give me this thing !

3 responses to “The internet at your fingertips …”

  1. pretfles says :

    I was waiting for your comments on this.
    You missed class btw 😉

  2. MaBU says :

    This cute iPod touch thingy has two problems:
    1) The extremely weak display
    2) Crippled Calendar (Can´t add events on the go)


  3. Gert-Jan says :

    Looks great! It’s a shame you can’t add events on the go though… At first I thought I was never going to use the calendar function but since it synchronises easy with my outlook…

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