Do you ever wonder … ?

Do you ever wonder how it’s possible that we live in the world we live in today? Bits and bytes travelling over wires to all corners of the world. That is what this text consists of, nothing more than 0’s and 1’s being stored somewhere on a hard drive in the US, ready for you guys and gals to load it up to your system and translate it back into text. There are so many things we take for granted, but when you think about it, they’re pretty amazing. But, of course, with all this progress we are making we alse are well under way of destroying our beloved planet. Do you agree with me ? What did you take for granted before but start to appreciate once you read this or had a similar moment of thought ?

I wanna make this kind of an interactive post. What I would like for you guys to do, if you would like to join the discussion, is to leave a comment which I will paste into the post and add my own thoughts to it. Hope you guys appreciate this little “experiment” of mine.

Thanks for dropping by !


8 responses to “Do you ever wonder … ?”

  1. Ger ten Haaf says :

    Come on Gil.
    This discussion is not new.
    It known for a long time that envirement is being destroyed.
    Its not true that We all destroy the world as much as each other.
    Even in this case people make different decisions.
    Thoughts of this ( about destroying the planet) we all ready had in the sexties. When we wrote VOV( vrij openbaar vervoer)on walls.

  2. Ger ten Haaf says :

    Sorry Gil.

    It was not wise of me to write this.
    I was a little upset about politics i just had been reading a minute before.

    But it is about time we seriously make up our mind how to change our consuming everything of this planet.

  3. applefanbe says :

    Dear Gert,

    The fact that we are destroying our planet was but I little sidenote to my original point, which is that we take things like the internet, trains, planes, space travel for granted as if it isn’t a big deal.

    In reply to your points:

    Indeed, this is definitely not a new discussion, but as mentioned above it wasn’t this initial purpose of my question, I did however end with it because it’s another facet of the discusson. I disagree with you on one point though, which is that we ALL add to the deterioration of our planet. I don’t think you should generlise like that. Not all societies on the planets are burning the same ammount of fossil fuels or doing other world-wrecking activities like that, most of it is done by western Europe, the United States and China. You should however give a little bit of credit to the European Union as they are at least trying to resolve some of the problem while gas-guzzling cars stll roam the streets of the US. China is going to be a big problem in the near future as well. Their exponential development will have a massive impact on the environment if nothing is put in place to keep things in line.

    This discussion is endless though and the final word is far from said. Let’s just hope that my generation the ones that will follow it are up to the challenge and will be able to prevent this threat.

    Thank you very much for chiming in on the discussion Gert and I hope to hear more of your point of view in the future.

  4. Ger ten Haaf says :

    “Not all societies on the planets are burning the same ammount of fossil fuels or doing other world-wrecking activities like that, ”

    You’re right.

  5. pretfles says :

    Change the world, start at yourself. If everyone does this, we’d be up for a big change.

  6. Ger ten Haaf says :

    1*Otherway around :

    Change yourself, start at the world

    2*The point I wanted to make in the first comment:
    Its not true that We all destroy the world as much as each other. In the same society some people destroy more then others.

  7. applefanbe says :

    That’s true as well, Gert, good point.
    I like the saying “change yourself, start at the world” and the other way around, but I’m pretty damn sure they both will never happen.

  8. pretfles says :

    Never give up hope. As long as there is hope…

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