The Simpsons Movie

During one of our last evenings together before I leave on holiday (sadly enough without her) me and my sweetheart, being the hard-core Simpsons-fans we are, went to see the “The Simpsons Movie”. I didn’t expect anything more of it than being an episode times 4 in length and for the most part that was true, but a few things give this movie that extra zest that it needed to get into cinema’s.

I don’t want to be a spoiler so I’m not going to talk about the movie all that much, I do want to mention that hearing Ralphie sing the 20th century fox tune cracked me up and caused me say that wonderful one-liner … “My cat’s name is Mittens”. Oh Ralphie …

So anyway, the movie has all your favorite characters … – BTW were there any other characters that passed away in episodes other than Bleeding Gums (and Snowball I) ? – and those of you who know most of the earliest episodes from A to Z will laugh over the little refferences (I found a couple … there probably are more once you looked at it for a few times) that make this movie a must-see for every Simpsons-fan

The plot of the movie can be described as “one hell of a blow towards the US-government” and maybe that’s why the movie launched on the 25th here and only on the 27th in the US (according to my sources). The government is ridiculed the whole time and even Alaska couldn’t escape the blows.

All and all, as I already mentioned before, a movie that is worth the 6 to 8 euro’s for those who have always enjoyed watching Matt Groening’s creation on the little screen.


2 responses to “The Simpsons Movie”

  1. Lucas says :

    Helaas nog niet gezien… 😦 ik denk dat ik maar eens ga reserveren voor de film!
    Nog veel plezier in de USA en ik volg je blog met belangstelling!

  2. Glenn says :

    I saw it and laughed a lot more than I ever have in an ordinary episode. Every Simpson NEEDS to see it. And it probably should be on a big screen to get the full affect. Here in the US I paid $9.50 to see it.

    BTW I have an increadable DVD recomendation. It’s an HBO series called ROME. Season 1 is out now with 12 eps. Season two comes out in about a week with only 10 eps. After that is was canceled b/c of the cost per eps to produce. Just the look of it alone makes it worth getting, but then throw in the story of how Augustus Ceasar rose to power and was over thrown.. what can u say? I know you’ll love it. Maybe u can find it here in the states before u leave. I got mine a Targets, which are everywhere 🙂

    talk to u on line…..

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